Is Virtual Runway making its way?

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Is Virtual Runway making its way? The spotlight and the butterflies in the stomach behind the runway is a truly fantastic feeling. The last-minute alterations, waiting for the cue, and the showdown on the ramp, are all essential elements of the fashion industry. The two-second of numbness in the dark waiting for the music and […]

Paco Rabanne Autumn-Winter 2022 Fashion Show

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Paco Rabanne Autumn Winter 2022 Fashion Show. There´s no doubt that designers such as Paco Rabanne tend to leave us surprised in each of their catwalks. That´s why elegance and quality couldn´t be missing during Paco Rabanne’s 2022 fashion show. Where he showed his incredible autumn-winter collection.   Likewise, it´s worth mentioning that this collection […]

Ferragamo Autumn-Winter 2022 Fashion Show

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Ferragamo Autumn-Winter 2022 Fashion Show. Ferragamo is an Italian brand that everyone knows for offering luxury items. And thanks to its worldwide recognition, it couldn´t be missing from the Milan Fashion Week. To present, of course, its Ferragamo 2022 autumn-winter collection.   It´s worth noting that the proposal called “Future Positive” has managed to capture […]

Top 2022 Virtual Influencers List Out!

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Top 2022 Virtual Influencers List Out! Virtual Influencers, as the name suggests, are digital influencers that are trendy nowadays. These are CGI Influencers. Or in other words, we know them as fictional people. They have hyper-realistic looks with all human characters, personalities, and features.   They´re well known in the marketing world for their excellent […]