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Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2022

Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2022. Paris fashion week 2022 is one of the most important events in the world. Considering that fashion has become an industry in itself. In fact, France has become the main reference in this business, its capital Paris being the most acclaimed by clothing firms.   This fashion week has been […]

2022 Fendi Autumn-Winter Fashion Show 

2022 Fendi Autumn-Winter Fashion Show. Like the other haute couture firms, after confinement and many digital fashion shows, we have been able to witness the 2022-2023 Fendi fashion show with a fabulous autumn-winter collection. This Italian fashion house, founded in 1918, presented its new proposal at Milan Fashion Week. Announcing that the office look would […]

Saint Laurent´s Spring-Summer 2022 Fashion Show

Saint Laurent´s Spring-Summer 2022 Fashion Show. Saint Laurent has become known as a fashion house since its founding in 1961 in Paris, France. Since its inception, it is worth noting that this brand has learned how to differentiate itself. All by its inclination toward haute couture. Its professionalism and creativity have once again become apparent […]

Balmain 2022 Spring-Summer Fashion Show

Balmain 2022 Spring-Summer Fashion Show. Once again, the Balmain brand was present at the Paris week to showcase its spring-summer Balmain 2022 collection. It is worth noting that the pandemic has not been an impediment for the firm to put its creativity into practice. In the middle of the catwalk, we could observe garments and […]

Celine´s Fall Winter 2022 Fashion Show

Celine´s Fall Winter 2022 Fashion Show. Celine is a French brand in the prêt-à-porter category and has been around since its foundation in 1945 by Céline Vipiana. It´s worth noting that this brand has worldwide recognition. And, as it belongs to the luxury fashion sector, it had to be at the Paris Fashion Week to […]

Paco Rabanne Autumn-Winter 2022 Fashion Show

Paco Rabanne Autumn Winter 2022 Fashion Show. There´s no doubt that designers such as Paco Rabanne tend to leave us surprised in each of their catwalks. That´s why elegance and quality couldn´t be missing during Paco Rabanne’s 2022 fashion show. Where he showed his incredible autumn-winter collection.   Likewise, it´s worth mentioning that this collection […]

Ferragamo Autumn-Winter 2022 Fashion Show

Ferragamo Autumn-Winter 2022 Fashion Show. Ferragamo is an Italian brand that everyone knows for offering luxury items. And thanks to its worldwide recognition, it couldn´t be missing from the Milan Fashion Week. To present, of course, its Ferragamo 2022 autumn-winter collection.   It´s worth noting that the proposal called “Future Positive” has managed to capture […]

Spring Summer 2022 Giambattista Valli Fashion Show

Spring Summer 2022 Giambattista Valli Fashion Show. Giambattista Valli is an Italian fashion designer, and like others, he has managed to gain international recognition. That´s why his participation couldn´t be missing in the Paris fashion week to present his Valli spring summer 2022 collection.   It´s worth noting that this has been one of the […]

Isabel Marant Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Show

Isabel Marant Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Show. Isabel Marant is a designer of French origin. And she is the owner of a very famous fashion brand that bears the same name “Isabel Marant”. Likewise, like the other luxury brands, in 2021 we were able to appreciate the spring-summer 2022 fashion show. Focused on the spring-summer […]