Balmain 2022 Spring-Summer Fashion Show


Balmain 2022 Spring-Summer Fashion Show. Once again, the Balmain brand was present at the Paris week to showcase its spring-summer Balmain 2022 collection. It is worth noting that the pandemic has not been an impediment for the firm to put its creativity into practice. In the middle of the catwalk, we could observe garments and accessories so striking you want to have them all in your closet.


The brand’s creative director, Olivier Rousteing, unquestionably shined by showing a dream show. But this has not been all. Since he organized a night festival in La Seine Musicale, an extraordinary stage located in Boulogne. Also, this is not the first time this has happened. Because in 2019, Rousteing held an event of this type in the Jardin des Plantes, where he gathered around 1,500 people.




This festival was celebrated in style, and approximately 3,400 people were there as spectators. Similarly, attendees’ tickets were awarded for exchanging for a minimum of 15 euros donation. This money was intended for the “RED” association, founded by the musician Bono.


Festivals like these bring many advantages to the world of fashion. But they wouldn´t be successful if the collection displayed did not capture the audience’s attention. In the case of Balmain, both its event and his collection have managed to capture the eyes of each of the attendees.


The space managed to be very captivating since many stars were cat-walking down the runway. An audio recorded by Beyoncé was heard as part of the tribute to the brand. The importance of this extraordinary show is because this is the tenth anniversary of the brand. So, the presence of supermodels and the tribute of this beautiful singer couldn´t be missing.


Olivier Rousteig


Olivier Rousteig is the creative director of the Balmain brand. And when we say that he has done his best to show this collection, it is because he has. About a year ago, he suffered some burns on his arm after an explosion in the chimney of his house. Consequently, during the pandemic, the creative director spent more than a year isolated at home without sunbathing since it was the only way for his wounds to heal.


For this reason, the celebration of the brand’s tenth anniversary had to wait. And the collection inspiration was the word “freedom,” or as Rousteing himself says, “the freedom not to hide.”




The Balmain 2022 fashion show has not only managed to stand out for the garments shown through this spring-summer collection. This tenth anniversary needed to mark the beginning of a new chapter for the brand’s creative director.


He has expressed that this collection speaks of the freedom to be oneself and confidence to advance in the new world. That is why the funds raised were to RED to maintain a constant fight against AIDS and Covid-19. Also, the fight´s focus was on helping women in developing countries.




The collection is an essential part of the Balmain 2022 fashion show. This time, the brand’s collection was full of garments loaded with reconstructed bustiers, asymmetries, and golden accessories that became the protagonists of that night.


In the same way, the striking oversized cuts could not be missing, one of the favorites to highlight the woman’s figure. In the same way, some colors caused a sensation when seen in each garment. For example, all the shades in white, black, and nude gave a real twist to the concept of this collection with touches of red.


During the night of the runway, we could see replicas of other designers. As well as old pieces of the Balmain brand from 2012 that Olivier Rousting took out to let himself fly away with these ideas.


We must mention the short dresses and strapless in gold about unique garments. And a beautiful fitted design with long sleeves and stone inlays in gold because it is the color of the night. Also, it was possible to observe short dresses leaving one shoulder uncovered and long dresses in other shades such as white and red.


Different tops combined with bold and flared pants on the catwalk were also the new fashion trend. Also, so that elegance was not lacking, all the models paraded down the catwalk in heels and with charming accessories.




The creative director did his best to show an impeccable collection concerning the accessories. That is why this time, Balmain presented a wide variety of large accessories. And although at first glance they only seemed like objects, looking closely, we can realize that they have some functionality.


An obvious example of this is the “jacket backpack,” whose function and aesthetic is of jackets. This has been one of the most innovative accessories we saw in this fashion show.


Unforgettable Closure


We will never forget the Balmain 2022 fashion show, especially if we mention the night’s highlights. Naomi Campbell, Carla Bruni, Milla Jovovich, and Natasha Poly closed this catwalk accompanied by other celebrities. With garments bathed in gold and with many laces and jewelry inlays.


We know this brand for giving away versatile collections, and this has not been the exception. Innovation and elegance have never been lacking in each piece of clothing. And for this spring-summer season, there is a lot of variety to satisfy the needs of today’s women when it comes to dressing.

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