What are the benefits of avatars or virtual models?

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What are the benefits of avatars or virtual models? The pandemic has also affected the world of fashion. So, the best-known designers in this industry have had to innovate to continue showing their clothing and accessories collections. Because of this, they have approached the virtual world maintaining greater interaction with their customers through websites, blogs, and social media.


At the moment, the most important designers in fashion use social media such as Instagram or Facebook. They are even having great participation on YouTube by having their own channels.


How have the latest presentations of the designer collections been?


During 2020 and in 2021, the most important fashion shows have used all their creativity to take advantage of the internet. Thus, they have resorted to the use of avatars or virtual models to continue consolidating themselves in the fashion industry.


In fact, as the months have passed, this option has become a trend due to its good results. Besides, having avatars or virtual models in fashion shows is more beneficial than you can imagine.


Benefits of avatars or virtual models


Digital Runway.Benefits of avatarsActually, using avatars is not a new topic. We already use them to send emojis by messaging or social media.


But now, the virtual world is becoming more important.


That includes the fashion industry because we can use virtual models.


Avatars and virtual models can help the world of fashion.


Now is the time to find out why:


Avatars don’t complain


You can’t have an argument with an avatar. So, you can focus on the fashion show and pay attention to each of the details to obtain good results.


They don’t get tired


Famous models have a very busy schedule. This is why they get tired.  So, sometimes they don’t have enough energy to show off their talent. With avatars and virtual models, you don’t have to worry about that.


They don’t stumble


During the fashion shows, some models have troubles on the catwalk. They can get entangled with a garment or even fall. With avatars, this will not happen as they will be 100% designed and prepared to model the runway perfectly.


They don’t eat


Avatars and virtual models do not eat. So, you will not have to worry about the logistics of it at any time. This way, you will have more time to focus on the fashion show.


They don’t have a schedule


Unlike in-person models, virtual models don’t need to adhere to a strict schedule. So, you can take your show wherever you want and at the time you want.


They are cheaper


Digital Runway - clothingBy saving you money on food, fees, and other things that you must cover when having real models, avatars and virtual models are much cheaper than you might think.


Your clothing collection will remain intact


Models need makeup for a fashion show to look their best. So, in the middle of the show, adding makeup can stain the clothes. The same can happen with accessories since they can fall when manipulated.


Through avatars or virtual models, your clothing or accessories will be intact and ready for selling without any issue.


Which fashion brands have made use of this option?


Digital Runway.What are the benefits of avatars or virtual models.Which fashion brands have made use of this optionThe big fashion brands are making use of the virtual world with good results. In fact, these brands have made use of personalized virtual models for their collections:



Each of these brands has had a host. For example, Ralph & Russo made use of Hauli for the presentation of its haute couture collection. Likewise, Olivier Rousteing has become a virtual model for the presentation of his latest Balmain collection.


However, the American startup Brud overtook these brands, creating a virtual model that was very popular on Instagram. In fact, 19-year-old Lil Miquela has millions of followers and has been the star of many major advertising campaigns around the world.


What do you think of avatars or virtual models?


Digital Runway.What are the benefits of avatars or virtual models.What do you think of avatars or virtual modelsDefinitely, the fashion industry can benefit from avatars and virtual models. However, it is important to take into account that because they’re virtual they do not have feelings, and it is likely that they cannot convey the same feelings as a human model.


But this is not to say that this option isn’t a great idea. In fact, this option has been well accepted since the lockdown caused by the pandemic.


Similarly, before choosing this option, it is important that you determine the essential tools for your brand’s engagement. That is, each of the fashion brands decides whether the use of avatars or virtual models is a good option to get closer to their goals.


If the answer is yes, you need to choose a good fashion technology company to create personalized virtual models that are in tune with your brand.

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