Best Modeling Agencies in Chicago

Digital Runway - 15 Best Modeling Agencies in Chicago

Best Modeling Agencies in Chicago. Chicago is home to many agencies where many models can fulfill their dreams and achieve fame. Also, the owners of big brands can take advantage of the opportunity to find the best talents for their fashion shows and advertising campaigns.


This post will talk about the best modeling and talent agencies available in this city.


Best Modeling Agencies in Chicago


These are the top 15 agencies in Chicago:



MP Management operates as a global modeling agency.


It has talent and models who have collaborated with the best brands in the world.


It also has no problem hiring talent or inexperienced models, as its goal is to develop talent from the beginning. 





Digital Runway - wilhelmina logoThis is one of the Best Modeling Agencies in Chicago and the world. Wilhelmina Cooper, a Dutch model with worldwide recognition, founded the agency in 1967.


It is important to add that, over the years, this agency has earned respect and prestige it deserves by offering modeling management that covers men, women, fitness, children, and full-figure models.


But that’s not all, because you can also find musicians and artists within their talent. 




This agency has become one of the best in the city of Chicago.


Their job is to hire professional models to meet the needs of each of their clients. 


Thanks to its dedication, this agency has specialized in the launch of enormous print campaigns, live productions, and feature films.





Eileen and Jerry Ford in 1946 founded this agency. 


It is not only based in Chicago but also has offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Paris. 





Digital Runway - Logo 10 Mgmt


The launch of 10 MGMT occurred in 2013, and it is one of the Chicago agencies that keeps growing by acquiring new talent to represent the best campaigns of the moment. 







Digital runway - Logo BmgSince 1992, BMG Models has had significant growth and, to date, has represented more than 1350 people.


However, thanks to its prestige, the agency has several locations in Orlando, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Orlando, and Chicago. 


MBG models are so in love with their work that they have their slogan: “passionate about what we do, and it shows.”




This is an agency that not only operates in Chicago but also Los Angeles and Atlanta.


Thanks to its professionalism, this agency has worked with well-known brands such as GUESS and Forever 21.




Best Modeling Agencies in Chicago

  • Bella Modeling Agency


digital runway - Logo Bella agency Bella Modeling Agency offers the opportunity to young people of any age who wish to develop as professional models.


Also, through this agency, they send their portfolio online to reach future employers. 


They also create websites for their models in Chicago to market themselves on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


In this way, the models can have a competitive advantage over their peers and will be models with greater credibility. 




digital runway - Logo Stewart talent - Best Modeling Agencies in Chicago

Stewart Talent, since its inception, has represented actors and models.


Although its origin is in Chicago, it has offices in other major cities such as Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles.


However, the success of this agency is primarily attributed to its knowledge of the constant changes occurring in the market and the attention they pay to the needs of its clients. 




digital runway - Logo ata - model agency in chicago - Best Modeling Agencies in Chicago


Located in Michigan, Chicago, this agency has been responsible for acting talent with titles such as Chicago PD, Shameless, and Empire.


Within their work is helping actors to make their careers in television, voice-over, and commercials. This has given the agency a good reputation. 




It works as a full-service agency with talents ready to participate in fantastic TV commercials.


In fact, by visiting their official website, you can see the commercials they have launched for major brands such as Uber, Nike, Corona, and Discover Card, among others.


This agency also offers a space for talent looking for extra work, a unique opportunity for talent with less experience. 



digital runway - Logo chicago Talent networks - Best Modeling Agencies in Chicago


In addition to helping models and actors get good contracts for voice-overs, commercials, and more, Chicago Talent Networks provides resources and training.


The training consists of auditory stimulation for aspiring actors to improve their skills and feel more confident when auditioning. 




Shirley Hamilton offers an excellent opportunity to represent the talent of all ages.


Their work is primarily with experienced actors looking to work in film, theater, television, Voice-Over, and more. 


In 1962 was created, and since then, it has achieved continuous relationships with famous producers, advertising agencies, casting directors, and photographers. 



Find a modeling opportunity at one of the Best Modeling Agencies in Chicago


digital runway - Find a modeling opportunity at one of the 15 Best Modeling Agencies in ChicagoThe dream of being a model or actor can be achieved at one of the Best Modeling Agencies in Chicago.


For many of these agencies, it is crucial to intervene in developing their talents to meet the needs of their clients.


Likewise, they maintain a good relationship between staff and clients to make alliances with the most influential brands in the world and leave their name as modeling agencies high.


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