10 Best Modeling Agencies in Philadelphia

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The Best Modeling Agencies in Philadelphia focus on representing the best talent to meet the needs of their clients. That is why they pay attention to developing their skills and take preparing them for their performances in any scenario very seriously. If you are just starting your modeling career and want to do it in Philadelphia, here are the 10 Best Modeling Agencies in Philadelphia.


  And of course, we would like to mention that each of these agencies are equipped to develop the talents of their models according to the needs of each one.


Which are the Best Modeling Agencies in Philadelphia?


We present to you the top 10 Best Modeling Agencies in Philadelphia:



digital runway - John Robert Powers modeling agencyThis agency has been in operation since 1923. It develops the talent of models and actors in New York City, Los Angeles, and international markets. In Philadelphia, they established it in 1963, making it one of the oldest agencies in this location.


  In addition to representing a large group of professionals, John Robert Powers offers classes in photography, runway modeling, acting, acting commercials, makeup, wardrobe, and much more.


This is more than just a modeling agency; it teaches its talent skills that will serve them throughout their lives and especially in their work and personal success. Therefore, it is a 5-star rated agency. 




digital runway - Metro Model Management - modeling agencyIt is a premier modeling agency in the city of Philadelphia. Its specialization is based on transforming new faces into the perfect talent for the runway, commercial print, fashion, and television.


In addition to representing the men’s and women’s divisions, it represents children and teenagers for different jobs in the modeling industry.


The model’s experience doesn’t matter, as this agency is always looking for new talent to add to its team.


Aspiring models only need to complete one form for the application process.



digital runway - (AMA) Talent Agency - modeling agency in philadelphiaIt operates as a full-service agency providing its services as professional booking agents. It has extensive experience in film, television, video, commercial print advertising, and theatrical production. So they maintain an active presence to work with established artists and new talents who want to become great actors and models.


Among its actors are various categories: models, actors, food stylists, fitness, speakers, dancers, singers, animal trainers, musicians, and much more. This agency has worked with important clients in different fields thanks to its diversity.


It is an agency that works with experienced talent and new talent, and you can start the application process from their website.



digital runway - modeling agency in philadelphia - Main Line Models and TalentsOne of the main jobs of this agency is to place its local talent in both the national and international markets. Their representation covers a diverse age range, so they accept talents from babies to seniors. It is important to highlight that this agency has placed its talents in important shows and movies such as Marley and Me, Sex and The City, and many more.


As a full-service agency operating in Philadelphia since 1972, its success is due to its principals’ extensive experience in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and New York. In fact, the International Model and Talent Association (IMTA) has named them directors of the year.


  Although there are no open calls for talent recruitment as of now, you can always apply as a model by completing a form on its website to start the process. 




digital runway - modeling agencies in philadelphia - Expressions ModelsIts founders are industry veterans. Dianna Juliano and Greer Lange have years of experience in the modeling industry. That is why they know very well how to represent their models and talents in different areas. You can belong to this recognized agency if you are 5 years old or older.


They usually hold open calls by appointment. In this way they encourage models and other talents to send their photographs and portfolio through their website. It is worth noting that Expressions Models manages very strict policies with the well-being of their models in mind. For example, when doing lingerie sessions, they explain the whole process, and they do it in a closed set. Likewise, the sessions be a minimum of 1 hour.


It also has a diverse portfolio of models to suit all types of customers.



digital runway - Click Model Management - modeling agencies in philadelphiaClick Model Management has over 40 years of experience and was founded in New York City by Alla Mindel, Frances Grill, and Joey Grill. To date, it has several offices throughout the United States but operates as one of the main offices in Philadelphia.


It currently represents over a thousand models, including men and women of different sizes. This agency has represented many well-known names such as Uma Thurman, Isabella Rossellini, and Whitney Houston.


Also, in addition to modeling, the agency allows its talent to develop in other areas of art, such as theater, music, and television.



digital runway - McCullough Models - modeling agencies in philadelphiaMarie McCullough founded McCullough Models in 1946, and today the agency maintains its name and is being managed by her son Bill McCullough. It operates as a boutique modeling agency, and is specifically located in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. It offers a variety of courses for aspiring models, including wardrobe and makeup techniques, posing tips, and projection classes.


  Likewise, models can get booked for different categories such as runway, film and promotion, fashion, photo, and trade shows. If you’d like to start with this agency, you can start your application process by going on their website and contacting them.


This agency represents women from 18 to 35 years old and men between 21 and 40 years old, and they also have some predetermined sizes for their models.


However, to start with this agency, the application must be completed from their website. This agency represents women from 18 to 35 years old and men between 21 and 40 years old, and they must have some predetermined sizes.


  • 2LifeTalent


digital runway - 2LifeTalent - modeling agencies in philadelphia2LifeTalent has a great advantage, and which is that it provides diverse talents according to the client’s needs. Generally, its reviews receive 5 stars and are one of the city’s most sought-after talent pools.


As a professional agency, it represents dancers, performers, dance companies, choreographers, emcees, and other talents for evening, social, and corporate events.


Before any event, the agency focuses on further planning of all preparations. In this way, they ensure quality work to create perfect moments. Those who possess some of these talents and wish to be represented by such a prestigious agency like 2LifeTalent, can apply through their website.



  • Vie 


digital runway - vie logo modeling agencyWill Ball is the founder of this agency. He is a former talent agent from Los Angeles, and his goal is to provide honest communication between his clients and models.


This is one of the reasons why, to this day, his clients are very satisfied with the work that Vie’s talent does to this day.


This agency represents female and male models regardless of their shapes or sizes.


Therefore, those who want to be represented by Vie only have to fill out a form on their site, and the photographs that will be included in the form don’t need to be professional.


  • Greer Lange Model and Talent Agency


digital runway - Greer Lange Model and Talent Agency - modeling agencies in philadelphiaIt is known for being a productive and well-respected agency on the east coast. On their website, you can access testimonials from clients who are satisfied with the group of talent that can be found here.


That is why the agency has long-standing clients who still continue to rely on their collaboration.


Its representation is based on a portfolio of models that covers all ages. And thanks to their commitment, their models have appeared in important commercials and magazines.


  • digital runway - Greer Lange Model and Talent Agency - modeling agencies in philadelphia


Would you like to belong to one of the 10 Best Modeling Agencies in Philadelphia?


  These are the 10 Best Modeling Agencies in Philadelphia. Each of these agencies has something in particular that may interest you to start your career in modeling or in any other artistic area. Generally, all you have to do for representation is to fill out a form or apply from their website today. 

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