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Best runway models. Fashion is one of the trends most followed by women who love to dress well. That’s why they’re on the lookout for the most important fashion shows where the most sought-after models on the catwalk are also protagonists. Besides, some of them achieve more fame by standing out more than others, either for their glamour or for their enchanting beauty.


That’s why the best runway models, apart from being beautiful, have a lot of fame and of course, money.


But who are the 7 best runway models?


Many women dream of one day being a runway fashion model. However, to achieve this it’s important to have the same discipline and perseverance that models always have. Only in this way, can they climb up to the top with some of the best runway models. After all, they have managed to gather a great fortune thanks to the fashion shows they have worked with.


For example, if we make a calculation of the fortune between the best runway models, the amount would exceed 100 million dollars annually. This is just an estimate, of course. Let’s remember that the more fame, the more they get hired to do advertising campaigns, commercials, and even participate in acting.


On this occasion, we will introduce you to 7 of the best catwalk models:



Digital Runway - Gigi HadidGigi is one of the most important runway models and has been considered that way since 2014.


By 2016, this 26-year-old model was already one of the best international models. While for 2018 she appeared on the Forbes list as one of the models with the best salary.


Due to her professionalism, in 2015 she became part of the Victoria’s Secret Angels, and since then her fame has grown to this day.


For this reason, this model is one of those with the largest number of Instagram followers.



Digital Runway.Meet 7 of the best runway models.2-Joan SmallsThis 30-year-old model is of Puerto Rican descent, and her fame rose to the top once she was hired as the face of the prestigious skincare brand, Estée Lauder.


In fact, she’s the first Latin American model to be the image of this company.


That’s why, by 2010, she was already considered one of the best-paid models in the world, in a list of 10 shown by Forbes magazine.


But this is not all, since thanks to her performance as a runway model, she was also the first Latina to be the image of Chanel’s perfume collection. Besides, Prada, Versace, and Marc Jacobs are some fashion firms she has worked with.



Digital Runway.Meet 7 of the best runway models.3-Karlie KlossAs one of the best models on the runway, this model must be on this list. In fact, in 2008, People Magazine named her the best model of the year. Ever since then, her career has been growing.


At 27 years old, she has achieved many achievements in her career as a professional model.


And that’s why she appeared in Vogue magazine as one of the top 30 runway models.


Also, in 2013 she became a Victoria’s Secret Angel which brought her more international fame.



Digital Runway - Cara DelevigneWhen it comes to the 2021 fashion runway, this model is always in the mouth of everyone.


After all, her striking look is one of the reasons why fashion houses don’t hesitate to hire her to show off their designs.


At 27, she is one of the best-paid models in the world.


And even if she has moved away from catwalks in favor of acting, she continues to be one of the preferred models by haute couture designers.



Digital Runway - Kendall JennerToday, Kendall Jenner is the top-earning model per year at just 23 years old.


Her fortune is also because this young woman has become a great cosmetics entrepreneur.


Similarly, this socialite participated in a famous reality show where she made her first appearance on TV.


As for catwalks, she has worked with many important shows and it seems that her career will continue to rise.



Digital Runway.Meet 7 of the best runway models.6-Doutzen KroesThis may be a familiar face for you since she has been the image of the L’Oréal brand for many years now. A curious fact is that Kroes didn’t always want to be a model.


However, when she auditioned at Victoria’s Secret in 2005, she became part of their teams of angels.


This woman has been on the best fashion catwalks and has worked with Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Oscar de la Renta, Zara, Nina Ricci, and many more.


Today, she is 34 years old and keeps being one of the best models in the world. Because of this, she’s also among the best paid.



Digital Runway.Meet 7 of the best runway models.7-Gisele BundchenNow in her 30s, this woman has been a model ever since she was 13 years old. Today, she’s still at the top of the best runway models.


Truly, almost everyone knows her name and there’s no doubt that her name will go down in fashion history once she decides to retire.


At 13, a fashion agent discovered this model of Brazilian origin.


He then proposed to her to be a model, and although at first, she wasn’t sure, she accepted. In the end, her decision became the right one.


The top fashion designers always hail these Top 7 runway models


These are some of the models with the best runway model salary. They have been able to achieve this status thanks to their professionalism and engagement with the public. Because of this, the best fashion designers always include their names when looking to showcase their designs.

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