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What are the most important catwalks in the world? When did catwalks start? Fashion shows have been part of the fashion world right from the beginning. At first, most people didn’t pay attention, but now, they’re the dream of any new designer. After all, showcasing your collection in any of the best runways offers a […]

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Get to know the brands that are present in the best fashion shows. Runway fashion shows have become the most important event in the world. They are also the perfect place for the best brands to show off their collections for each season. That’s where fashionistas can keep up to date with the most popular […]

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Best runway models. Fashion is one of the trends most followed by women who love to dress well. That’s why they’re on the lookout for the most important fashion shows where the most sought-after models on the catwalk are also protagonists. Besides, some of them achieve more fame by standing out more than others, either […]

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Runway Models: What’s Their walking style? How do runway models walk? You may have already seen several fashion shows on TV, or better yet, you’ve had the opportunity to go to one of them. If so, you have probably noticed that runway models have a peculiar walking style. Most impressive still, is the perfect posture […]