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How expensive is runway clothing? When talking about fashion, it is worth mentioning that millions of women in the world spend a lot of money to always look flawless. In fact, many consider it important to have the products the best brands have to offer. But, is runway clothing up for sale? Here, we will […]

Digital Runway - Should Runway Models Be Slim?

Should runway models be slim? In the world of fashion, you’ll see that most runway models tend to be pretty slim. Because of this, people ask themselves the following question: Why are runway models thin?   However, that is a common characteristic for people who are into fashion. But, there are those who criticize this […]

Digital Runway - Can runway models have tattoos or piercings? - title

Can runway models have tattoos or piercings? This is a question that many people ask themselves. Especially those who aspire to become runway models. The world of fashion is always changing. People are more open-minded when hiring models for a fashion show.   In the past, you didn’t see any runway models with tattoos or piercings. […]

Digital Runway - What are the benefits of avatars or virtual models? - title

What are the benefits of avatars or virtual models? The pandemic has also affected the world of fashion. So, the best-known designers in this industry have had to innovate to continue showing their clothing and accessories collections. Because of this, they have approached the virtual world maintaining greater interaction with their customers through websites, blogs, […]