Get to know the brands that are present in the best fashion shows

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Get to know the brands that are present in the best fashion shows. Runway fashion shows have become the most important event in the world. They are also the perfect place for the best brands to show off their collections for each season. That’s where fashionistas can keep up to date with the most popular clothes and accessories to renew their wardrobes.


Besides, in fashion shows, you can only see the brands with the most experience since they are considered the best.


The most important fashion brands in the world


In the most important cities of the world, fashion week is celebrated annually. Some of these cities are Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Tokyo, and Rio de Janeiro. In these fashion shows, you can see the best creations of the most important fashion designers. Besides, each of these designers represents the brands with the best runway models.




Digital Runway.Get to know the brands that are present in the best fashion shows.GucciGucci is an Italian brand with a very varied line of products, where you can see everything from clothing to perfumes.


When it comes to fashion shows, models can be seen wearing pieces of clothing that evoke the baroque style. This brand also offers very striking shoes and even sequin embroidery for the most outgoing women with their outfits.


Known for the motto “life is short and you have to live it”, this brand only offers the best of the best. In this sense, it encourages us to leave aside basic clothes for fun ones. On the other hand, one of its many characteristics that makes it stand out is its elegance. You can see clearly see this in all its accessories such as bags, jewelry, and watches.


Oscar de la Renta 


Digital Runway.Get to know the brands that are present in the best fashion shows.Oscar de la RentaThere is no doubt that the runway dresses of this brand are full of glamour and elegance. In fashion shows, you can see how this brand shows haute couture collections that enhance the femininity of women at all times.


Besides, this brand also stands out from others thanks to its designs full of fine embroidered beads, laces, and luxurious organza.


Oscar de la Renta, since he created his brand, has worked in many fashion shows. After all, he has become one of the most important fashion designers in the industry.


Because of this, today he’s an expert when it comes to standing out with his wedding dresses by creating custom pieces. As a result, this designer has managed to make his mark very high, and many celebrities have become his clients to steal the spotlight on the red carpets.


Christian Dior


Digital Runway.Get to know the brands that are present in the best fashion shows.Christian DiorA runway fashion show without a Christian Dior collection isn’t a fashion show. After all, this designer knows for its haute couture has maintained its vaporous style since the beginning.


On the other hand, he has also been in charge of enhancing the beauty often unnoticed in the female body.


This brand has imposed its style on dresses and other clothing by using bright colors and fabrics with fluidity in its movement.


Also, this brand offers a wide variety of accessories such as bags, so you can create a total outfit created by this prestigious designer.


Louis Vuitton 


Digital Runway.Get to know the brands that are present in the best fashion shows.Louis VuittonWhen it comes to exclusivity, Louis Vuitton excels.


In fact, it’s one of the most elegant brands in the world.


That’s why, every time a model showcases any of their pieces on the runway, they exude finesse.


As for accessories, suitcases and purses are where this band shines the most.


With them, you can easily put together an outfit for any occasion.




Digital Runway.Get to know the brands that are present in the best fashion shows.BalenciagaBalenciaga is a brand made up of haute couture products, where you can find everything from clothing to accessories and perfumery. In fact, Balenciaga bags have become a staple of fashion in 2021.


The collections they showcase on the most important runways are full of minimalism.


In addition to this, asymmetric geometry and very clean lines are present in all their dresses or garments.


Spanish paintings are some elements where this designer grows inspired.




Digital Runway. - PradaWhen Prada is present at fashion shows, apart from clothing you can see many accessories such as bags, trunks, suitcases, and shoes.


Besides, this brand has known how to distinguish itself by its soft garments and by emphasizing simplicity.


Similarly, Prada has continued to create classic garments full of simplicity and intelligence at the same time.


And to adjust to the needs of each person, it also has sports collections for a more relaxed look.


Bottega Veneta


Digital Runway. Bottega VenetaThis brand’s fashion shows are all filled with colorful outfits and sober ones to please all tastes.


Besides, its collections always evoke Italian fashion with their classic touch.


Asymmetrical dresses are some of the most sought-after pieces.


However, their sports line is also very popular.


One of the best features of this brand is that you can find clothing for women of any age.


These are some of the most important brands in fashion shows


You can find all these brands in the most important fashion shows in the world, for example, on the New York runway. As you can imagine, their products tend to be very expensive. However, this is worth it when you take into account their high quality. So, no matter their price, by getting their pieces, you’re getting something that will last you a long time.

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