Can runway models have plastic surgery?

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Can runway models have plastic surgery? It’s no secret to anyone that plastic surgeries are in trend, not only now, but for a long time. That’s why many women dream of a physical retouch, including runway models. However, taking this detail into account, the following question is very relevant: Can runway models undergo plastic surgery?


Models spend most of their lives in the fashion industry. Therefore, they make a great effort to preserve their image, to be ready for any runway, advertising campaign, or photographs. That’s why many resort to cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery. Usually, this is to say goodbye to their insecurities and look much better.


Now, there’s no doubt that many models opt for plastic surgery to improve their physique. But the question remains whether the models walking the runway, specifically, can have some aesthetic touch-up.


Can runway models have plastic surgeries?


Digital Runway.Can runway models have plastic surgeries.Internal imagesThe answer is yes, of course. Many think that runway models must be extremely slim and without curves.


However, some of them have opted for plastic surgery to improve their physical appearance. In fact, casting agencies to be runway models choose different body types.


That’s why we can see different-looking women on the runway. Some with a small or larger bust and others with a bigger behind, all without inconvenience.


However, if a model doesn’t want to use plastic surgery, it’s ok. In the end, the most important thing about fashion show models is their professionalism, charisma, and natural beauty.


What are the most popular plastic procedures that models do?


Digital Runway.Can runway models have plastic surgery.What are the most popular plastic procedures that models doTo be a model, it’s important to have a good height and weight to wear the best runway dresses. In the same way, other details are also important such as, for example, your teeth must be straight. Besides, you don’t need to have a muscular body, all you need is to have a firm body.


However, many runway models have decided to have plastic surgery as they believe that some touch-ups will make them feel better. Breast augmentation is the intervention with the most demand, not only in runway models but all women.


On the other hand, since the body of runway models doesn’t need to be voluptuous, on many occasions they opt for face surgeries. For example, cheekbones, lips, and nose.


We must also highlight that the stigma around plastic surgeries among models is no longer relevant. Long ago, plastic surgeries were taboo and for models, it wasn’t allowed.


But because times change, today many runway models choose to operate their bodies to make them more beautiful. Or their face to improve some imperfections. And there’s no shame in that!


Runway models who have had plastic surgery


Karlie Kloss


Digital Runway.Can runway models have plastic surgery.Karlie KlossNow that plastic surgeries are allowed on runway models, many have undergone them.


We start with Karlie Kloss, a 28-year-old model who has an exclusive contract with Victoria’s Secret.


Even if this girl is one of the sexiest bodies, she had a plastic intervention on her nose.


This allowed her to refine it and show off a more striking face.




Digital Runway.Can runway models have plastic surgery.Kendall JennerKendall Jenner


Similarly, we can mention Kendall Jenner, who has managed to make a large sum of money by being a runway model.


In an interview, this girl commented that she feels a little fear of having some plastic surgery.


Nonetheless, she confessed that she underwent a lip augmentation.



Digital Runway - Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid


Also, worth mentioning is Bella Hadid, another one of Victoria’s Secret Angels.


This young woman has had a lot of fame since her beginnings as a model, and to this day she denies having had any plastic surgery.


However, media specialists claim to see great differences in her nose for a few years now.



Digital Runway - Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale


Next, we can remember the case of Ashley Tisdale, a runway model now present on Disney screens.


Ashley underwent a breast augmentation.


However, having several problems due to that operation, she chose to remove them at the beginning of 2019.




Digital Runway - Carmen Campuzano

Carmen Campuzano


Several retired models have also gone under the knife on several occasions.


This is the case of Carmen Campuzano, a Mexican model who set a trend since she was 16 years old when she started working as a model for the lingerie firm Christian Dior.


So far, this former model has a total of 8 operations on her nose, although the latest transformations weren’t very beneficial.



Tyra Banks


Digital Runway - Tyra BanksFollowing this, Tyra Banks is a former runway model who now focuses on the business world. In her time as a model, she had several surgeries to improve her face. As a result, we can see several radical changes in her nose.


As you can see, for runway fashion models it isn’t an impediment to carry out some physical changes through plastic surgery. These are just some examples of models and former models who have undergone surgery to make changes to their bodies and face. And as you can see, their careers weren’t affected at all.


On the contrary, the operations were for the better, although it can be said that the former model Carmen Campuzano did have problems with her operations. That’s why every woman who wants to have plastic surgery should go in search of professionals.


Plastic surgeries are possible on runway models


Digital Runway.Can runway models have plastic surgery.Plastic surgeries are possible on runway modelsFashion show models must meet certain characteristics to be chosen in casting calls and by the most important designers in the fashion industry. For this reason, many resort to plastic surgeries which won’t be a problem as long as it is beneficial.


However, we must also highlight that those who avoid these procedures can still make it in the fashion world. There’s also a liking for the so-called “natural beauty”. Because of this, if you want to become a model, but want to avoid the knife of a doctor, it’s ok. The same goes for those who do want to make some changes. 


Every woman is different, and all are beautiful in their own way. What’s important is to feel comfortable with the body we have. And if for that we need to make some changes, there’s no shame in that!

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