Can runway models have stretch marks?

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Can runway models have stretch marks? The fashion industry is well-known thanks to its world’s leading designers. And to show their collections on the runway, they look for models with slender figures.


That is why for many people, it is strange to see a runway model with stretch marks. However, it is important to know that everything changes, and seeing a model with stretch marks or a scar is no longer shocking.


Times have changed, and so did the fashion world


Digital Runway.Can runway models have stretch marks.Times have changed, and so did the fashion worldNowadays, many fashion firms are looking for professional models without perfect bodies. In fact, in recent times there have been many fan campaigns through social media. In them, we could see how they disagreed with the stereotype that until recently was sought in runway models.


Because of this, fashion houses have begun to normalize their models’ bodies. In fact, they’re no longer as strict as before. That’s why we can see many models with stretch marks on the most important runways.


In fashion shows, especially in lingerie, you can see models with stretch marks on their buttocks. For example, Jasmine Tookes is one of the most sought-after angels in Victoria’s Secret, and she has some blemishes on her buttocks just like other girls around the world.


And just like this renowned model, many runway models also have stretch marks on their buttocks or other areas of their bodies. However, this has not been inconvenient when growing their careers as professionals in fashion shows. Some runway models have even had photo sessions where their stretch marks were the protagonist. After all, they are imperfections that do not detract from the beauty of their body.


Can models have scars?


Digital Runway.Can runway models have stretch marks.Can models have scarsApart from stretch marks, there are runway models that have other imperfections, such as some scars.


Perhaps on the catwalk while the models walk it is difficult to see if they have stretch marks or scars.


This is usually more noticeable in photos if they show the part of their body with a blemish.


So, if you have stretch marks or scars, you don’t have to worry. These imperfections have been captured in the models during photo sessions without any issues.


What imperfections do we usually see in runway models?


Digital Runway - What imperfections do we usually see in runway modelsAlthough models tend to wear expensive runway dresses and luxurious lingerie, their body imperfections have not gone unnoticed.


That’s why many of them have been able to notice some spots on their thighs and even birthmarks that cannot be hidden.


The hyperpigmentation of old wounds is also imperfections we can see, not only them but also other women.


Some of them have even showcased them on purpose to send a message. Imperfection doesn’t equal ugly; it equals human beauty.


Models with stretch marks and imperfections


Digital Runway.Can runway models have stretch marks.Runway models may have stretch marks or other imperfectionsMany fashion photographers have been able to capture runway models posing in lingerie and clothing. That’s why they have been the witnesses of imperfections in the buttocks, legs, or arms of these models. However, they used to not accept models with stretch marks or scars, since the perfect body could not have these marks.


What happens now is that stereotypes have changed, and this issue came into debate, as well as the weight of models. Before an extremely thin body was the standard, today, it’s the opposite. Social media has had a lot to do with these changes, because people have raised their voices implying that all women, regardless of their figure, are beautiful.


Now, most fashion houses normalize this type of imperfections in their models, taking relevance to their professionalism. In the same way, when parading, many of these models cover these imperfections with makeup as well as in photo sessions.


Do Victoria’s Secret Angels Have Blemishes on their bodies?


Digital Runway - Do Victoria_s Secret Angels Have Blemishes on their bodiesThe answer is yes. In fact, many models from this runway fashion brand are not afraid to pose for the cameras when taking photoshoots.


This firm has even been aware of the changes in the industry and by showing its models as they are, they have given much to talk about to improve. For many, this is a strategy to stand out from other forms of fashion that remain strict when casting their models.


Besides, accepting models with stretch marks can be a marketing strategy to humanize the brand. It should be noted that until recently, like other fashion firms, Victoria’s secret carried out very strong casting to find models with perfect bodies. That’s why we can say that this is one of the first brands that have had no problem getting models with stretch marks or other imperfections to the catwalk wearing their luxurious lingerie.


Runway models may have stretch marks or other imperfections


Digital Runway.Can runway models have stretch marks.Models with stretch marks and imperfectionsTimes change and fashion houses become more flexible when hiring models for their collections.


So, no matter if it’s PR, models now have the chance of showing their imperfections without a problem. They are the proof that having a blemish shouldn’t detract from a perfect job.


In the same way, runway models take great care of themselves. For this, they carry out diets and keep up an exercise routine to maintain their body shape. And like all women, their stretch marks or imperfections don’t make them any less sticking and beautiful.

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