Can runway models have tattoos or piercings?

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Can runway models have tattoos or piercings? This is a question that many people ask themselves. Especially those who aspire to become runway models. The world of fashion is always changing. People are more open-minded when hiring models for a fashion show.


In the past, you didn’t see any runway models with tattoos or piercings. But, is it acceptable now?


Nowadays, many professions, such as flight attendants or military people, still don’t allow tattoos. However, other jobs are more lenient if the tattoo isn’t visible.


Is it acceptable for runway models to have tattoos?


Digital Runway.Can high fashion runway models have tattoos or piercings.Is it acceptable for runway models to have tattoosEvery time a designer carries out a fashion show, they adopt certain rules both for the models and for the event. Of course, every fashion designer has their way of thinking. However, they tend to follow the same protocol when making a show.


In recent years, digital media has held interviews with the most important designers in the fashion industry. It has not been necessary to ask the following question: Can runway models have tattoos?


For most fashion designers, respecting the personality of each of their models is also an important aspect. For this reason, you may see tattooed models in their shows. Of course, as long as they meet other essential requirements.


Also, there would be a point to take into account and this would be the number of tattoos that the model has. For example, if they want to showcase a wedding dress, tattoos might make things hard. In this case, a model with many tattoos would look better in a rebel-style outfit as a rocker. Consequently, the model would wear black leather clothes and incredible metal accessories.


Can runway models have piercings?


Digital Runway.Can high fashion runway models have tattoos or piercings.Can runway models have piercingsAs you have already seen, the issue of tattoos is not so much of a prejudice or a taboo in the catwalk. However, there are certain things to take into account. Also, when casting a model, this is one of the first questions that the designer will ask about.


Can runway models have nose piercings? This is another of the most common questions among models who want to parade through the best catwalks in the world.


There may be a case where someone won’t hire a model because of their tattoos or piercings. However, beauty standards have been changing, as well as tastes. So, what can a model with piercings do? A good idea is to take them off when going to a modeling casting. Similarly, it is important to remember that you can take piercings off. You can’t do the same with tattoos though.


However, the size of the piercing is also important. Bigger holes are very difficult to hide with digital retouching in case there is a photoshoot.


Models with tattoos or piercings also have many job opportunities


Digital Runway.Can high fashion runway models have tattoos or piercings.Models with tattoos or piercings also have many job opportunitiesA model who wants to participate in a fashion show might have a bit of a harder time if they have tattoos or piercings. This is because there are still many fashion brands and designers who remain conservative. However, there will always be an alternative job opportunity.


There are runway models without makeup, although this element is essential to enhance their beauty. However, some designers need to explore new ways to innovate their shows while showing off their runway dresses. Also, other factors are important when choosing models or planning a new fashion show.


In fact, some basic characteristics are more important when choosing a runway model. For example, height is one of the first essential characteristics. It can add a greater style to each collection. Likewise, your personality when modeling each garment in the collection will also be essential.


What kinds of models shouldn’t have tattoos or piercings?


Digital Runway-- woman wearing a crownAre runway models allowed to have tattoos? This answer will depend on the type of show and the conditions and needs of the designer. However, some models look for people who don’t have tattoos or piercings at the time of casting.


For example, models who dream of winning a Miss Universe pageant should not enter a contest with tattoos or piercings. This is because a Miss will become a world representative and an example for people of all ages. Likewise, a model who aspires to be Miss must show a lot of charisma and kindness because she will have more direct contact with the public.


On the other hand, runway models only have to parade the garments of a certain collection. For this reason, experts in the world of modeling consider it more acceptable for a runway model to have tattoos or piercings than a Miss.


There’s still some resistance to tattoos and piercings on runway models


Digital Runway- modelThere have been advances regarding this issue. However, even now, tattoos or piercings can be frowned upon by conservative people. For this reason, many models when prefer to hide them. Despite that, many designers and brands like models that have tattoos or piercings because they bring a different touch of style to their collections.


Likewise, for many fashion experts, the use of tattoos and piercings in some catwalk models is temporary. It has happened with other elements that have been in trend, such as beards.


For models, the body is their work tool, so using tattoos or piercings should be a decision made with great responsibility.

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