Carolina Herrera´s Elegant Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Show

Digital Runway - Carolina Herrera´s Elegant Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Show

Carolina Herrera´s Elegant Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Show. New York dressed up to witness what would be the spring-summer 2022 collection of Carolina Herrera. A Venezuelan designer with international recognition who, from the beginning, has handled two key concepts: style and elegance.


For this reason, Wes Gordon, creative director of the firm, made sure that both concepts were reflected in each of the garments that have made up this wonderful collection presented in the gallery hall 94, in Manhattan.


For Gordon, this show in particular was very important. So, it had to be celebrated in style, especially for all this time of confinement. And because the date of the show was just in time for the New York Fashion Week. 


Spring – Summer 2022 collection


For this collection, the creative director of the Carolina Herrera firm wanted to show the best examples of gala dresses. Especially since the brand’s 40th anniversary is getting closer. So, on the catwalk, beautiful models were walking while a party full of brightness and color was present.


Luxury brands lovers are on the lookout for the most striking clothing items in each collection. On this occasion, dresses with puffed sleeves and embroideries were one of the delights of this celebration.


In the same way, the classic style of some dresses also got attention. And those that have been made of tulle and with very wide layers to be at the height of a gala event. On the other hand, the sculptural miniskirts have been another of the captivating garments of this runway. They will certainly be one of the most established trends for 2022.


The place chosen for this fashion show was an art gallery that works in what once was a stately mansion. That´s why it´s a place where only a brand like this could present its spring-summer collection in style.




Although this firm was created by the designer Carolina Herrera in 1981, Wes Gordon is the one who takes the reins now. The interesting thing is that this creative director has a great commitment to the brand. And the year of confinement due to the pandemic was not a reason to lower his spirits. Also, although this show was in a location where 700 people could fit, only 100 could be in the place as a public, wearing masks.


But now it´s important to emphasize Gordon´s inspiration, who took as a reference one of Carolina Herrera’s first collections. So, the dresses became the star piece of the evening. With a color palette that ranges from the most classic with black and white tones to more colorful tones such as orange, red, blue, and pink.


Most remarkable clothing items


We must mention a short dress with a square neckline, or strapless as it´s also known. This dress combined on a white background two of the patterns that have been characteristic of the firm. Such as flowers and dots. Both patterns matched in the middle of volumes that drew layers on the bodies of the models. While a delicate silk tail waved as it passed.


Regarding the patterns, something we should highlight is that they originally matched the flowers as the dots. Without leaving aside the identity of Carolina Herrera. But, with this collection, it was possible to break the seriousness a bit and add a more colorful touch.


Also, the Vichy box was present in a set consisting of a miniskirt and jacket. All matched with pink and red.


Another of the outstanding proposals was made up of a white shirt with exaggerated shoulders accompanied by black tailored pants. And it stands out for its sobriety and contrast with the party options. Where a long and tight red dress stood out, with cascades of tulle coming out of the sides and under the dress.


In the same way, on the catwalk, it was possible to see different textures. Accompanied by patterns that made us remember the brand’s first collections, especially that spring/summer collection of 1983. So, for this collection, the use of shoulder pads and sleeves is characterized by its lantern and balloon forms.


To end this Carolina Herrera 2022 fashion show, the catwalk overflowed a sweet note with a baby pink dress. This dress managed to captivate the public eye as it wore an imposing train. Quin Mora wore it for the closing of the show. Who complemented her look with a neon pink lipstick of the season and red heels.


Synonym of distinction


Year after year, luxury fashion brands do their best to present their collections with elegance and exclusivity. That´s why even though they were not able to do face-to-face catwalks for a year due to the confinement. Nothing has been an impediment to continue meeting the needs of their public. On the contrary, they´ve recharged their energy to present unique collections as well as the ones made by this firm.


There´s no doubt that Carolina Herrera continues to be a symbol of distinction. And being close to 4 decades in the world of luxury fashion, she remains an ambassador for her brand. Therefore, she could not stop being on the main catwalk after a year of confinement due to the pandemic. She was also able to be present to observe how the public cheered the creative director of this prestigious brand.


Elegance and difference have always defined Carolina Herrera. And she has been able to demonstrate this in each garment of her brand. That´s why this year has not been the exception to present a collection with total distinction.

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