Celine´s Fall Winter 2022 Fashion Show

digital runway - Celine Fall Winter 2022 Fashion Show

Celine´s Fall Winter 2022 Fashion Show. Celine is a French brand in the prêt-à-porter category and has been around since its foundation in 1945 by Céline Vipiana. It´s worth noting that this brand has worldwide recognition. And, as it belongs to the luxury fashion sector, it had to be at the Paris Fashion Week to present the Celine 2022 autumn-winter collection.


The collection is full of garments that can perfectly belong to the capsule wardrobe. Likewise, as the main characteristic of this collection, we can detail that the creative director of the brand, Hedi Slimane, opted for garments to create round looks.


In the same way, let’s see everything related to this great Celine 2022 fashion show.


Commercial Trends


To begin with, it´s important to clarify that the Celine brand is on the line of commercial trends. This formula is very striking because it allows you to create outfits that provide practicality to whoever wears them. Also, this feature has been a thing for a long time by Slimane. And as a result, they have had good sales.


This creative director has made great contributions to the brand. If we take into account that not everyone can transform any item of clothing into a desirable item. This places Hedi Slimane in the category of privileged creative directors.


This change towards commercial trends has also meant something for this fall-winter 2022 collection. Garments have been made so everyone can have them in their closet for daily looks that are easy to put together. This idea of ​​basic garments is very interesting since those reconstructed patterns and ornaments in quantity are left aside.


Video format


They used video format for the presentation of the Celine fall winter 2022 collection. Also, the space chosen as the backdrop was the gardens of the Vaux-le-Vicomte Palace. A wonderful and ideal scene for this fashion show to be perfect.


For Slimane, the idea of ​​presenting his version in the best style of Parisian women was very striking. So, in the middle of the catwalk, they couldn´t miss simple clothing. Of course, to comply with the regulations of haute couture, on this occasion they added the armed skirts and sequin-embroidered lingerie dresses.


Similarly, we could see a wide variety of basic garments during the runway, such as blouses. But the most interesting thing has been being able to see the models combined with formal and informal clothing.


Truly, this was styling work with a lot of detail. Since through this collection, they wanted to convey that you shouldn´t wait for a special occasion to dress well.


Celine Autumn Winter Collection 2022


As we have already mentioned, for this Celine autumn winter 2022 collection, there were different combinations to meet any occasion. That´s why on the catwalk you could see beautiful slip dresses covered with oversized plaid jackets. And romantic shirts combined with straight jeans that don’t go out of style.


Also, let’s take a closer look at the clothing items that are part of Celine’s capsule wardrobe for this season:


  • Jeans


When it comes to centerpieces, jeans have been the main item of clothing in this lovely collection. Since Slimane was appointed creative director, jeans have not been able to go unnoticed in the Celine 2022 collection.


So, in the collection, we see jeans in a wide variety of colors. Although blue and black have been considered the main tones, as well as broken and plain washes.


  • Blazers


Like jeans, Slimane considers that blazers are a must when dressing. Especially if it´s the fall-winter season. Therefore, this piece was added to the collection and there´s a wide variety of them.


On the catwalk, the plaid blazers, pinstripes, and long classics were very showy. Also, we have been able to appreciate the cropped versions, specially designed to create an evening look. Thanks to these proposals, those who acquire a garment like this will have a classic treasure in their wardrobe for a long time.


To combine the blazers, we had options. On the catwalk, there was no lack of tops with side openings, shirts with bows, and many more models.


  • Basic Tops


Basic tops are in high demand, and not only in the fall-winter season. Because, although they´re an apparently simple garment, they can take a total turn depending on how they´re combined.


Consequently, Slimane has presented tops with a cut-out design for this collection. To create different asymmetries both in the neckline area and in the abdomen.


  • Midi dresses and skirts


Midi dresses and skirts have also been part of the Celine autumn winter 2022 season.


Likewise, although long dresses are also considered by Celine, for this collection Slimane was fixated on those that slightly exceed the line of the knees and have an opening. This design brings more movement to the garment. This is why it became a very striking piece ever since it came out in the market.


As for the skirts, it was possible to see that most of the designs are tight to the legs. And they all manage to look great when complemented with black loafers with white stockings, and flat boots.


This collection has been successful, thanks to Slimane’s proposal


But this was not all. For the Celine 2022 autumn-winter collection, apart from the already mentioned clothing, there were coats and jackets in different designs. And red and black checkered caps and sweatshirts with central zippers were also in it.


Likewise, the trend of sequins was present. Since this look that was special at night, now also comes out during the day. The creative director of Celine invites you to wear them at any time without restriction.


Once again, through this collection, Celine demonstrates why it´s one of the leading brands when it comes to luxury items.


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