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Discover the diet of runway models. Being a runway model requires constant work and a lot of discipline to stand out from the rest. Also, for these models, it is important to follow a strict diet to maintain their figure. However, what runway models eat should be rich in protein, and in addition to that, fruits and vegetables cannot be absent.


Before, it was normal to see very thin models, but now the beauty standards have changed a bit. This is not to say that runway models had to take care of themselves to maintain an impeccable image, but now one of the main rules when dieting is not to starve.


How many calories does a model’s diet have?


Digital Runway.Discover the diet of runway models.How many calories does a model_s diet haveMost people when they see a runway model think that they don’t eat well since they’re so thin. However, many well-known models in the fashion industry have been interviewed and have reported that they consume many calories to maintain the weight that a runway model requires.


For example, diets carried out by Victoria’s Secret models typically consist of 3,000 calories. It may seem like a lot of calories, but it’s what it’s needed to look slim and healthy.


On the other hand, runway models have to stay active during the day because they have to fulfill different commitments. For this, they have to accompany their balanced diet with different exercise or sports routines to keep their toned bodies.


Of course, all models will choose the exercise routine that suits their preferences. While some prefer to go to the gym to perform a demanding routine, others prefer functional routines without adding so much weight. For them, the most important thing is to keep their muscles toned to wear the best runway dresses.


What does a runway model eat?


Digital Runway.Discover the diet of runway models.What does a runway model eatThe image of runway models is very important, for this reason, they should exercise and eat a balanced diet to maintain their well-being. It’s also important to note that diets aren’t improvised by models, as they turn to professional nutritionists to determine the most appropriate diet based on their weight and other elements. Besides, to choose an appropriate exercise routine, they work together with a personal trainer.


On the other hand, the models’ diets are all personalized and must be accompanied by exercises that help to stimulate the metabolism. In this way, a runway model diet will work faster and fat will be burned to tone their bodies to perfection.


Once a model has an upcoming fashion show, they usually start their diets 12 months before the event. Although some maintain a diet if they must often walk the runway.


Even if not all runway models follow the same diet, most include these common foods among them:




  • Egg white omelet, with turkey ham, or spinach.
  • Green smoothie accompanied by seeds of chia.
  • Protein powder.
  • Bowl of fruit.
  • Instant oatmeal with banana chunks.
  • Whole toast.
  • Boiled eggs.




  • Integral rice.
  • Chicken salad.
  • Steamed vegetables.
  • Chicken with mushrooms.




  • Roasted Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Baked cod




  • Blueberries.
  • Nuts
  • Protein bar.
  • Almond cream.
  • Yogurt
  • Protein shakes.
  • Piece of fruit.


These are some food or snack options that runway models can include in their diet menu.


How many times a day do the models eat?


Digital Runway.Discover the diet of runway models.How many times a day do the models eatWhen talking about diet, no model should stop eating at all, on the contrary, runway models need a good diet. As a result, they will be ready to showcase the best dresses on the most important catwalks in the world of fashion.


All models have their own needs, so it’s likely that some can eat a little more than others. However, most model diets consist of 5 meals a day to keep their metabolism active.


The servings will be divided as follows:


  • Breakfast
  • Afternoon snack
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon snack
  • Dinner


Runway models must also organize their mealtimes. Many of them allow 3 hours for each meal. Now, just as some foods models can’t stop eating, there are others that they must avoid at all costs. Only in this way, are they able to maintain their bodies in good condition.


All foods that are made up of carbohydrates or gluten are prohibited for models, as well as soft drinks or drinks that contain alcohol.


Catwalk models must be ready for any fashion event


Digital Runway.Discover the diet of runway models.Catwalk models must be ready for any fashion eventOften, models apart from appearing on the best catwalks must also comply with advertising campaigns or other commitments.


That’s why, in addition to getting used to makeup sessions and a lot of exercises, they should also follow a strict diet if they want to take care of their figure.


For this reason, their diet is all about fruits and vegetables, although they also eat proteins. The idea is to direct everything they eat to their muscles. That’s before the runway, they stop eating difficult-to-digest vegetables such as broccoli. They also avoid other types of foods such as fruits, bananas, and salt.


Runway models’ diets should be risk-free


Each model has her own needs, so they cannot all follow the same diet. Today, most fashion show models have understood that to maintain a good figure, they don’t have to stop eating. All they need is a diet rich in protein, fruits, and vegetables and a good exercise routine.

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