Fashion shows: Who created them and when?

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Fashion shows: Who created them and when? When did fashion shows start? There is no doubt that fashion shows have earned the respect of followers. Besides being the best option for designers to show their incredible collections, it allows them to consolidate their brand and get clients. The creation of these shows became the best way designers could begin to make themselves known around the world.


Now, even if the fashion sector goes through constant changes, it always does so with a positive vision. From the moment catwalks were created, fashion became more important among those who love high-quality clothing.


How did fashion shows come about?


Digital Runway.Fashion shows.How did fashion shows come aboutThe story of how runway fashion shows came about is very interesting, especially for fashion fans. It all started at the end of the 19th century when the catwalks took on great importance and became a reference for styling and glamour.


Of course, to showcase the best haute couture dresses, models were vital. Only with them can designers give life to their collections.


Even if fashion shows today are held on large catwalks, at first, they were events in small rooms, or in the homes of some designers interested in showing all their collections. This way, customers who follow certain brands had the privilege of seeing the new collections offered by the designers.


However, during World War II the fashion industry had a stop, and it wasn’t until 1943 that some events known as Press Week could be held.


Who created the first fashion show?


Digital Runway.Fashion shows.Who created the first fashion showCharles Frederick Worth was the creator of fashion shows in the late 19th century. Worth was a well-known dressmaker with a broad vision, and he was looking for a new way to display the garments he made to his customers.


For this, he used women as models instead of mannequins to show the most striking fashion collections. That’s why the fashion world considers this character as the father of haute couture and takes all the credit when it comes to catwalk shows.


At the beginning of these catwalk shows, his home served as a stage for the most important clients to see his designs.


Thanks to Charles Frederick Worth, many designers, and fashion firms had the opportunity to make themselves known. In fact, to this day, most of them have a good reputation. For this, they didn’t miss the chance of showing their collections on his shows.


Worth’s training was complete as a dressmaker, and after 7 years of studies in London, he arrived in Paris. During the year 1858, he created his first fashion house known as “La Ruex de la Paix”, taking the absolute address in 1871.


He was also the forerunner of “Fashions Week” to increase his sales. So, even if there were several inconveniences during his work as a dressmaker, he continued with his advances. For this reason, during World War II, he created the Press Week foundation to continue promoting the fashion industry.


The first shows paved the way to the world of fashion


Digital Runway.Fashion shows.The first shows paved the way to the world of fashionThere is no doubt that catwalk fashion events are very relevant in the world since, through them, we can see the newest trends. That’s why fashion followers love these events held throughout the year. Besides, many people are simply curious to see up close the garments made by designers who have become fashion icons.


Haute couture has been well represented by top fashion designers, and it remains the same today. In fact, over 140 fashion weeks take place all around the world. In them, both well-known and new designers showcase their work. All of them with the goal of reaching the list of the best.


Today, fashion week takes place all around the world. For example, Paris, Milan, London, and New York are the most important cities for these events. So much so, that many fashion followers spend a lot of money just to be there. In fact, those in the fashion sector, as well as influencers, bloggers, designers, and many more flock to them.


When will fashion shows be no more?


Fashion shows have always had their objectives clear, for this reason, this industry has remained as popular as ever. For designers, this type of event is vital since they can show their incredible designs and at the same time add value to their signature.


Apart from showing their collections according to each season, for designers it’s essential to make themselves known and that more and more clients trust their work. It’s the only way they can consolidate in the market and increase their sales. As a result, there’s no doubt that these events will remain with us for a long time. We can almost say that they won’t ever disappear. As long as there are new designers hungry for recognition, fashion shows will stay.


Fashion shows and their impact on the fashion world


Digital Runway - women in the catwalkThe path traveled by fashion designers hasn’t been easy at all. After all, the fashion world is full of competition.


However, those who have been consistent and offered high quality are now on the top. Today, they’re recognized by the best brands and fashion followers.


On the other hand, some people only look for haute couture clothes. For this, they don’t miss any runway. Thanks to fashion shows, thousands of people are on the lookout for fashion week and other events. As a result, we can say that these shows created a before and after in the fashion world.

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