Art in its true form, the upkeep of a legacy and all about Fendi’s 2021 Fashion Show

digital runway - fendi 2021 fashion show

Art in its true form, the upkeep of a legacy and all about Fendi’s 2021 Fashion Show. Fendi’s 2021 fashion show has been one of the most special collections for the brand. After all, Silvia Fendi presented its latest collection before the integration of a new artistic director.


With its new artistic director, Fendi ensured the success of its 2021 fashion show. Kim Jones, a fashion designer recognized for his great talent, was the one behind it. Thanks to him, this show was able to stand out for being full of great stars.


In fact, among the audience, we were able to see well-known faces from the fashion world. This is because the brand has always been able to surprise them. As a result, no one could miss it. Of course, its 2021 fashion show wasn’t the exception. With its magical collection, this British designer unleashed his creativity to offer the best of the best. The result? An amazing spring/summer collection no one could afford to ignore.


Kim Jones made his first live appearance as creative director of the Fendi brand


For Kim Jones, besides showcasing his style, it was important to maintain the legacy of the talented Karl Lagerfeld. A goal that he achieved without issue. Today, there’s no doubt that he’s a worthy successor. In short, for this house of Haute Couture, there couldn’t be a better creative director.


We can clearly see in this collection the style of the British designer. However, it’s saying that this show wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Bella Hadid, Demi Moore, Kate Moss, and Naomi Campbell. All of which became the stars of this long-awaited event by followers of the Italian brand.


Inspiration has not been lacking in the creation of this new collection


To evoke spring, this collection was full of light silhouettes and warm textures. So, even if Kim became this brand’s creative director during the pandemic, this wasn’t an issue for him. Despite everything, he created a collection of the same level as the previous ones.


In fact, on this occasion, the collection took the path of minimalism with great success. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that the designer wasn’t able to add prints to it. This, in turn, created a wide range of interesting colors able to take the audience’s attention.


As for the garments that stood out the most, we find fur coats and the best caftan-style dresses. Following this, the runway was also full of mini-dresses alongside high-boots.


And if this wasn’t enough, the audience saw the best models wearing very shiny and satin fabrics. Thus, creating the classic but timeless New York style.


Kim Jones has been inspired by the style of Studio 54


For Fendi’s 2021 spring/summer collection, Kim Jones took a look at the works of fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez. In them, Jones found the inspiration to create only the best for this brand. Let’s not forget that, as with other brands, the designer had to showcase his art through digital platforms. As a result, this became a vital project to him.


In fact, when interviewed, he expressed that this would be his first live show for this fashion house. He even called it a true celebration. That’s why, to keep this brand high, he thought about the woman of today. A woman who isn’t afraid to take risks when dressing to go out after this long confinement.


Why Antonio Lopez, though? Kim Jones, when searching the Fendi archives, noticed that there was a logo drawn by this Puerto Rican illustrator. It, in turn, inspired his work in the 70s, specifically in the glamour rampant in New York’s streets at the time and who also frequented Studio 54. A place that became the best environment for this collection.


Each piece in this collection is art


Kim Jones also revealed that Lopez, who was close friends with Karl Lagerfeld (Kim Jones’s predecessor), has always been a person who has inspired him by having a vision for the future. That’s why he wanted to present his legacy to a new generation. For this, he decided to apply his illustrations on T-shirts. However, he didn’t stop there, as he also interpreted them on leather garments such as bags and hair clips.


We can easily say that this collection was very glamorous and focused on suits. This type of tailoring has a lot of power in the world of fashion. Today, more than ever, having this type of garment will be necessary now that the pandemic isn’t as strict as last year.


Everyone can enjoy the new Fendi spring/summer collection


Kim Jones wanted to convey, through this new collection, that this brand is for everyone. In fact, let it be known that it’s for all types of women, especially those who want to dress well and feel good about themselves at the same time.


For this creative director, the woman who represents the Fendi brand is empowered and self-confident. These are the kind of clients he wants to continue to maintain for this Italian firm.


After seeing all the garments presented at Fendi’s 2021 fashion show, these have been one of the most striking and unforgettable points:


  • This has been one of the most important events to Kim Jones, as it was the first to be shown fully live.
  • Antonio Lopez became the best inspiration for this spring/summer collection.
  • Bright colors such as fuchsia and yellow, and dark ones in combination with animal print textures became the perfect fusion on the catwalk.
  • Tailoring was also the protagonist to make night clothes shine on the catwalk.
  • Once more, it has been made clear that this brand, with so many followers in the world, keeps being for all women.
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