2022 Fendi Autumn-Winter Fashion Show 

digital runway - fendi fashion show 2022

2022 Fendi Autumn-Winter Fashion Show. Like the other haute couture firms, after confinement and many digital fashion shows, we have been able to witness the 2022-2023 Fendi fashion show with a fabulous autumn-winter collection. This Italian fashion house, founded in 1918, presented its new proposal at Milan Fashion Week. Announcing that the office look would be the most sophisticated and the one that would be in trend this season.


It is worth noting that this has been one of the most influential fashion weeks in Milan. The Fendi brand has indeed been able to surprise as the place was full of iconic presences. Such as Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, and Demi Moore. Likewise, Bella Hadid was in charge of opening this catwalk. And she stood out by wearing a tulle dress in pastel tones.


Thus began a fashion show that will definitely give a lot to talk about during 2022 and 2023.


Runway Celebration


The Fendi show to present its new collection was at the Via Solari 35 showroom. This tailoring composition has been charged with great authenticity. Since the classic office suits have been reinterpreted by including new fabrics, cuts, and silhouettes.


Also, this contrast game has had a protagonist that does not go out of style. We´re talking about tulle. This material stands out for its lightness and looks even more striking when combined with a tweed suit.


Similarly, this collection is loaded with various materials, such as wool, leather, denim, chiffon, and lace. At first glance, these combinations may seem contradictory. Still, according to the firm’s essence, they fit perfectly, and above all, they fulfill their objective by highlighting the femininity of all women who decide to wear a garment of the Fendi brand.


New collection


For this new collection, the creative director of the Fendi brand, Kim Jones, wanted to break those limits in both the male and female wardrobe. Her main objective was to dismantle some of the strictest rules when dressing.


Consequently, the catwalk witnessed a mix of opposing fabrics and garments designed for sophisticated and elegant appointments. Likewise, this night style is also made up of silhouettes intended to add a sensual touch to the most conventional outfits.


Kim Jones wanted to give a different touch to the traditional office look.


These mixtures have been an apparent reason why Fendi could show a new method to show the traditional office look. Therefore, pantsuits have been complemented with transparent shirts, especially pastel colors, to create better contrast. The jackets have been one of the most striking pieces of clothing to close completely from the waist to the neck and combined with tulle pants.


In the same way, the models also paraded with tight shirts with the help of corsets, and to match the coats in gray and standard colors also made a presence. Likewise, these coats have been combined with vaporous and semi-transparent dresses so as not to leave aside that sensual touch that has been wanted to be transmitted.


For this Fendi autumn winter 2022-2023 collection, the creative director had the idea of ​​making the formal suits with denim, considering that this would be the best material and to achieve a game between the different textures, from what we have also been able to observe other materials such as leather with lace, and wool and chiffon in jackets.


The heaviness has also been part of this parade and was present in the different types of coats, and one of the most striking has been the fur coats due to their bulk.


Color range, Fendi Autumn-Winter Fashion Show


The range of colors has been another critical point for the director of the brand to give free rein to his creativity. Kim Jones wanted to highlight women’s femininity for this Fendi fashion show. Consequently, the color palette was full of pastel and very delicate colors. Although also, some more forceful colors such as navy blue, chocolate brown, and gray have been added.


Dress codes have changed a bit over time. But this is the proposal that Fendi’s creative director considers the best option for the following fall-winter season.


Kim Jones Inspiration


This Fendi Fall/Winter 2022-2023 proposal has an obvious explanation and why. The brand’s creative director has taken inspiration from Karl Lagerfeld’s collections from the years 1986 and 2000. Jones has said that the best way to explore the Fendi archives is through Fendi’s own wardrobes.


This is why he has made a review of the past for the exploration of the firm, but now, from a new contemporary perspective. We saw surprising combinations in this firm´s collection, full of power and softness.


Accessories, Fendi Autumn-Winter Fashion Show


Every outfit needs to be complemented with suitable accessories, and Jones put a lot of thought into this detail. For the Fendi autumn/winter fashion show. In this case, the belt with a side pocket that she wore hanging as a charm in the company of the iconic baguette bag was the star accessory. In addition, we could see other accessories. Like blogs gloves, shoes with heels on a double F structure, and many jewelry pieces created by Delfina Delettrez.


Unforgettable Collection


It has become clear that pastel tones will set the tone during the fall/winter season for the Fendi brand. Likewise, the creative director must ensure that each garment allows you to get a sensual combination. Where in addition, there is no lack of delicacy and much less sensuality.

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