Ferragamo Autumn-Winter 2022 Fashion Show

digital runway - ferragamo 2022 fashion show

Ferragamo Autumn-Winter 2022 Fashion Show. Ferragamo is an Italian brand that everyone knows for offering luxury items. And thanks to its worldwide recognition, it couldn´t be missing from the Milan Fashion Week. To present, of course, its Ferragamo 2022 autumn-winter collection.


It´s worth noting that the proposal called “Future Positive” has managed to capture the attention of the audience. And all thanks to the concept that its creative director, Paul Andrews, wanted to reflect.


Inspiration for Ferragamo Autumn-Winter 2022 Fashion Show


Inspiration is a key part of any collection that´s going to be on the most important fashion catwalks. In this case, the creative director of the Ferragamo brand was inspired by the unlimited freedom that science fiction offers. And the legacy of innovation to project himself into the future or offer an alternative vision in the present.


So, Andrews expressed that, in fashion, the past always exerts a gravity that attracts us. That´s why for this season they sought to invert these physics. Similarly, the objective has been very clear. And it´s to design a collection where we could see the present through a perspective of the future.


Paul Andrews


It´s important to mention that Paul Andrews was creative director of footwear for three years. And due to his dedication to the firm for 2019, he began to be in charge as creative director of the Maison. Likewise, Andrews spent the entire period of confinement in Florence. And from that magical place, he was working on this autumn-winter collection that was later available to watch via streaming at Milan Fashion Week.


Of course, to show what´s part of this Ferragamo collection, a simple video has not been made. And that´s why, to provide a pleasant experience to the audience, it combined virtual reality with cinematographic culture and fashion.


For this season, the creative director has done some reflecting. And during these 5 years that he has been dedicated to Ferragamo, he has been working hard on the construction of a complete aesthetic for the firm. As a result, he today expresses that hews very satisfied with the results.




Andrews has been preparing for a long time to offer something new to the followers of the brand. He has been happy to have taken a step forward. And to create a collection that represents a breakthrough when it comes to talking about the fashion industry.


Its mood board was full of a futuristic collage where you can see the mixture of different scenes from the science fiction movies that have become the most relevant of the 90s. That´s biodegradable PVC prototypes, sketches of shoes that we have never seen before, and remains of skins without chrome. Thus, items such as rubberized Nappa clogs and space motorcycle boots were surprising.


Future Positive


Future Positive is the name that they chose for the Ferragamo autumn winter 2022 collection. This name, as we said at the beginning, focuses on science fiction movies such as Gattaca and The Matrix. And with these sources of inspiration, he began with the creation of each accessory and item of clothing.


The creative director also revealed that he envisioned modern uniforms, but with a touch of the distant past. To mix diversity and positivity as they´re necessary elements for a better world.


Salvatore Ferragamo himself explained that this collection is for all of those who have to walk together to rebuild a responsible, happy and positive future. In conclusion, this is a collection is bright, dreamy, and brave. So, it only speaks of hope, possibility, and an uncertain future that must shine again.


For many, this has been a very deep reflection. Given the situation where all people have been going through a dark period. Likewise, Andrews has made it clear that he only hopes for a different tomorrow where happiness is an essential good and differences don´t count.


Accessories and clothing


The inspiration for the creation of the Ferragamo 2022 collection has been guided by happiness. And it has been a message of hope and full of brightness, vivid, and fluorescent tones.


Consequently, in this new chapter of the brand’s history, it has been possible to appreciate long knitted and metallic dresses. As well as monochrome leather suits. But this is not all, since to cause great impact through this collection, transparent capes, jackets, cardigans were part of it. And even deconstructed coats.


On the other hand, to satisfy the needs of comfort in this collection, garments such as military jumpsuits and flared mohair trousers couldn´t be missing.


Tailored cuts have been another reference of this collection we saw at the Ferragamo fashion show. They have been considered as the aesthetic codes of both military and sports clothing. Likewise, it´s very curious to see that even though certain garments are in the best sports style, they´re an excellent option for creating elegant looks for the most avant-garde souls.


In this collection accessories had to be there, so each of these garments can be complemented with rubberized leather bags. Besides micro version bags, and sunglasses that evoke the era of the best movie of all time, The Matrix.


As in any luxury collection, footwear cannot be missing. So, we could see a great variety of shoes to make combinations according to the taste of each follower of the brand.


Creative Vision of Ferragamo Autumn-Winter 2022 Fashion Show


There´s no doubt that the creative vision has been part of the Ferragamo autumn winter 2022 fashion show. Andrews has contributed a very important characteristic. And that´s that it has returned the identity of the brand. And thus has been able to reflect it through each piece of clothing that was on the catwalk.


Additionally, the investigation of technology, environmental sensitivity, and innovation of materials have been crucial elements. To demonstrate that this brand is working on an evolutionary design.

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