Ferragamo 2022 Spring-Summer Fashion Show

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Ferragamo 2022 Spring-Summer Fashion Show. Salvatore Ferragamo showed an incredible Ferragamo 2022 spring-summer collection. This is why his followers have been very happy to have garments that will add color to each wardrobe. Salvatore, although in his beginnings dedicated himself to shoe design, later managed to stand out as an iconic Italian designer. Both for women’s and men’s clothing. Which has made his brand one of the most important in the fashion world to this day.


It´s worth starting to talk about this fashion show considering what has been the inspiration of it. What drove Paul Andrew, the creative director of the firm to design this collection. Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpieces have been the starting point for creating clothing and shoes where technical craftsmanship was the protagonist.


Actually, Andrew expressed through an interview that during the confinement for the pandemic, he made use of the time he spent home. Because it was the perfect moment to re-watch all of the Hitchcock classics. For him, the films of this film director were set in a completely surreal and unusual world. Also, having the audacity to see them in this context allowed him to reach a new sort of beauty.




It´s worth mentioning that Ferragamo blew the minds of many with this proposal. The one that appeared at the Ferragamo 2022 fashion show. In fact, after 12 months of absence from the catwalks, the show could finally have a live audience. In the company of great fashion icons. So, each of them was eager to see the collection that this luxury house prepared. To see the clothes, shoes, and accessories that will be part of the spring-summer 2022 season.


The success of this collection had already been predicted by the director of the brand. And it could not be otherwise since he dared to combine the spirited invention of Italian design. With the legacy left by the best of craftsmanship.


Thanks to his boldness, we saw the collection while at the same time we appreciated the perfection of each detail. And a great example of this has been the shoes since they managed to impact the guests. Leading them to think about the fashion of the now.




Like the Ferragamo spring summer 2022 collection, the space where this show took place could not go unnoticed either. The interior of the Rotonda Della Besana (Italy), became the setting for this show. Which managed to become the ideal place to reflect.


In the middle of the walls, we could see columns with mirrors. The thing that allowed the public and models to see the looks that passed through the catwalk from all angles. This way, they were able to experience the feeling of joy and sensuality when wearing a Ferragamo garment or accessory.


About shoes, this also had its leading role and it couldn´t be otherwise because this is the brand’s reference accessory. And it´s that footwear has a lot of power. Since it allows us to see ourselves as the most pleasant object to wear on the body.




There were many key points to define what this Ferragamo 2022 fashion show would be. And to start mentioning them, first, we will consider the most notable. For this collection, the rainbow color palette was in a completely Italian style. So, everything was in natural tones, with a touch of saturated tones.


Also, in terms of aesthetics, the directore got inspiration from mixture of cinema of the silhouettes. One that took place between the years 1960 and 1970. And, in the functionality that should be given to work clothes and the liberation of sensuality.


This firm also searched its archives intending to transform past stereotypes. Such as the tiger print and the rejection of saturation.




For this occasion, they wanted to revive the use of the Vara and Varina. But with new combinations of both colors and materials, so rattan was also included. In the same way, the clogs represented the double Gancini. Which arose from a mix between the firm’s oriental-inspired designs and a Dutch clog.


Moreover, the wide fabric shown in the upper part of the shoes made by hand in flat mules has been one of the pieces to remember the invisible design that this Italian house shows. To challenge the view by combining crochet upper parts with ornaments in the hand-made foot insoles.


Another of the Ferragamo shoes that attracted attention was a new men’s sandal. Inspired by a sketch that served as the brand’s archive. Although this design was originally for a women’s shoe that consisted of high architecture and a single strap. Now they change it to make this sandal and to create a tramezza shoe. Something that´s distinguished by being a soft moccasin and it’s at the same time deformed.




Accessories couldn´t be absent from the Ferragamo signature collection either. The shoes and clothing were mixed with metal jewelry obtained from the aesthetic heritage of the brand that´s reflected in the patterns. Also, belts were showy for their woven details, as well as the bags, for being of different colors and sizes. And they designed some in the best vintage style. Although a very useful calfskin bag to carry across the hand was one of the most captivating.


This collection makes clear once again the legacy of this luxury brand. And apart from focusing on creating, they keep the energy of the models alive so that they can walk the catwalk with satisfaction in each of the garments. And stay connected with the iconic pieces.

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