Spring Summer 2022 Giambattista Valli Fashion Show

digital runway - Giambattista Valli Fashion Show

Spring Summer 2022 Giambattista Valli Fashion Show. Giambattista Valli is an Italian fashion designer, and like others, he has managed to gain international recognition. That´s why his participation couldn´t be missing in the Paris fashion week to present his Valli spring summer 2022 collection.


It´s worth noting that this has been one of the most striking collections on the catwalk. As the designer managed to make a perfect mix in his collection. Of course, we can´t forget the fact that these garments are from the pandemic time. So, on the runway, it was possible to appreciate how sportswear had great prominence.


Beauty is part of this collection


This designer has always been able to differentiate himself from others. And on this occasion, he wanted to make garments that ooze beauty, but without losing the goal of comfort. In fact, in an interview, he expressed that there are times when people don´t know how to manage what´s truly beautiful. Likewise, he also pointed out that you shouldn´t be afraid of beauty. A line that he managed to fit exactly into this Giambattista fashion show, through his spring/summer 2022 collection.


Similarly, when Valli speaks of beauty, he doesn´t refer to the concept of the sublime. On the contrary, he has focused on that everyday beauty. One that´s easier to assimilate and carry thanks to his proposals to put together a good look.


The color white has served as a canvas


Although we saw a wide range of colors on the catwalk, white has been the protagonist. And the perfect canvas to unleash the creativity of this designer. Also, thanks to the color white, Giambattista Valli managed to create an elegant and at the same time bohemian collection. Due to the combination of ruffles and flowers in different shades.


Similarly, this white canvas we´re talking about had also other shades such as pastel red and salmon. Which has made this collection one of the gala’s favorites.


In this collection, you can see a contrast between the classic and the new. So, the models have worn magnificent crop tops, asymmetrical skirts, and Bardot necklines. This union only leaves a very clear premise. And that´s that current fashion doesn´t have to follow informal trends, but rather follow beauty.


Feminine Collection


In addition to beauty, this Italian designer based in Paris wanted to create a truly feminine collection. And on the catwalk, there was no doubt about it. We know this designer for his voluminous shapes, as well as for his contributions to timeless elegance.


That´s why this collection couldn´t miss the creation of dresses with very striking volumes and designs. Consequently, this women’s collection apart from its dynamic proposal offers a more elaborate proposal.


The Valli Experience


The Couture No. 22 pieces of the Valli experience have been created to provide a pleasant experience to those who decide to wear any of these garments. This collection is made up of 17 pieces composed of feminine cuts. And with a color palette characterized by black, blush pink, and creams. In the same way, for this season the red that has characterized this brand since its origins couldn´t be missing. The most interesting of all is that these colors have made an incredible combination with white, the main color of this event.


As for the feminine cuts, the long designs were the most seen in this fashion show. As they were the favorites for women during the summer season. Similarly, she has highlighted a light pink dress with a princess cut. On top of the creation of a dress with a large bow that immediately represented elegance.


This designer also presented two black dresses accompanied by a floral design between green and pink. And specially managed to captivate a design where the dress is loaded with feathers that extend throughout the dress. Achieving a 3D shape.


Different Textures


Dresses have generally become the most anticipated item of clothing in luxury designer collections. But in the case of Valli, this designer makes all his clothing pieces have a special feature. Making them all favorites.


That´s why for this Valli collection it has also been possible to appreciate dramatic shapes that are aligned with modernity. In fact, on the catwalk, it was possible to see a wedding dress that surely any woman would want to wear on her wedding day. What most caught the attention of this dress was the large number of folds. That asked for us to count them throughout the dress and formed a cape along with a hood in medieval style.


Returning to the theme of textures, we could see on the catwalk garments made of silk, taffeta, and much more. Also, there were many feather embroideries. Because they´re in trend for this summer, and pleated tulle was part of many sophisticated dresses.


Different types of looks


Spring Summer 2022 Giambattista Valli Fashion Show. A varied collection achieves a greater impact since each woman can identify with a certain garment. So, aside from the variety of dresses, this show dazzled the jackets complemented by shorts.


Similarly, this collection is full of different types of looks that can we can wear during the day. Such as shorts, leggings, and boots that reach the knees. Besides dresses with leopard, floral, and lace prints have been included within the creations to give a striking touch.


The Valli collection is very feminine, which means that this brand has achieved its goal. Creating beautiful and adaptable garments for the personality of each woman. And it´s that once these garments are appreciated, the desire to have them can´t go away.

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