The best of the best from Givenchy’s 2022 Fashion Show

Digital Runway - Givenchy 2022 Fashion Show

The best of the best from Givenchy’s 2022 Fashion Show. Givenchy has made the presentation of its spring-summer collection to start 2022 with a flourish. Like other haute couture brands, it hasn’t been easy for this fashion brand to maintain its same dynamism as a result of the pandemic. However, the public had been watching for the Givenchy spring-summer collection show, and the show must continue.


When we talk about this fashion show held in Paris, there are important data that we must highlight. That’s why, today, we will reveal everything related to the first physical show carried out after the pandemic.


Givenchy’s spring-summer collection has given a lot to talk about


To start, we must highlight how Givenchy managed to put the spotlight on the industrial style in its collection. That’s why, Matthew Williams, who is in charge of Givenchy, sought the help of Josh Smith. This is an artist recognized in the world for his paintings and who has worked very well with this brand. On this occasion, he managed to present a wide variety of garments focused on elegance for this amazing collection.


In the same way, there are elements that we must mention and are part of this collection. Williams has made sure to fill the runway with vibrant colors. However, a monochromatic color palette was also present to create the perfect combination.


Aside from this, Williams and Smith also created successful experimental accessories. Their success got to the point where even if the event was held on Instagram, it still created a stir. Given this acceptance by the public, Smith expressed that thanks to this collaboration. After all, there has been a lot of gain on an artistic level.


Definitely, there are many peculiarities in the Givenchy 2022 fashion show. The following are just some that the public should know.


The collaboration between Williams and Smith


Givenchy’s spring/summer collection for 2022 managed to stand out. This is thanks to the collaboration between Matthew Williams and Josh Smith. Besides, as a curious fact, we must also mention that Marlene Zwirner, girlfriend of Givenchy’s creative director, that is, Matthew Williams, is responsible for this creative union being able to take place.


In fact, Williams shared that all the art captured on the catwalk was the result of the material obtained from this wonderful collaboration. This collaboration allowed the models to wear garments where eye-catching embroidery and ornaments were the protagonists.


As a result, for Williams on the catwalk, craftsmanship was humanized and characterized by the industrial style that defines the brand so much. And this has been one of the reasons why he gave this collection the name “true soul”.


The essence of the brand


Matthew Williams has his own style without leaving aside the essence of Hubert de Givenchy. That’s why, in the parade set by a science fiction tunnel with great amplitude, we saw characteristics of both inspirations. And it’s that for the followers of this brand, it’s easy to identify how the style of Williams is more austere. Meanwhile, that of the designer, Givenchy, impacts more gently.


As a result, on the catwalk, the sketch of Hubert de Givenchy became a reality. In it, we were able to see delicate pleated ruffles, accompanied by shoes with peculiar silhouettes. Besides, the models wore extravagant makeup with a black outline.


Footwear stole the limelight


Even if the collection at Givenchy’s fashion 2022 caused a stir, we can’t ignore the new footwear from this fashion firm. This is the new silhouette of this brand’s boot, which is made up of a second-skin design and platforms. These almost rub against the shorts and miniskirts used by the models and achieve visibility in the cut-out tailored pants.


Accessories with a touch of whimsy


Josh Smith has his studio in New York City, and Matthew Williams spent several days there. In it, he was able to create many totems that served as inspiration for the entire Paris team. Creating an excellent connection with his team was very important Williams. This is the reason why he asked them what they could do with this craft-inspired material.


As a result, they carried out the creation of a wide variety of accessories. All thanks to the work of approximately 20 artisans.


Besides, we can’t forget to mention that this collection’s Kenny bag became one of the most admired. In fact, it’s today a bestseller in the stores of this prestigious brand. We can even say that this bag will be one of the most striking, compared to the one designed in the shape of a milk carton and that of a basketball.


Undoubtedly, the bags of this firm always give a lot to talk about. Especially the one that Kendall Jenner wore at the MET Gala 202. This way, the brand makes clear its cultural influence among the youngest.


Givenchy Fashion Show stole the spotlight on the catwalks


For this spring/summer 2022 collection, the brand used walnut as its central color. On the other hand, it also used red, lilac, blue, and pastel shades. All to evoke a more futuristic and at the same time urban vision. Besides, we also saw the presence of white on the catwalk as soon as Givenchy made his entrance.


Paris once again dresses up, but this time at “La Defense Arena“. This was a space designed by a French architect named Christian de Portzamparc. It opened its doors in 2017 and thanks to its size it can hold up to 40,000 people.


Finally, we can’t forget the delivery that Williams made for the Givenchy fashion show. After all, it’s the first time that he can participate in a physical fashion show. This, after becoming the CEO of the Givenchy brand.


Photo by: The New York Times

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