The new and unexpected from Gucci and Balenciaga’s Fashion Show, 2021

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The new and unexpected from Gucci and Balenciaga’s Fashion Show, 2021. In 2021, catwalks got dressed up for the best fashion shows. And it was the collaboration between Gucci and Balenciaga that got everyone excited. On this occasion, both of the most recognized fashion brands got together to offer a different and unique proposal. It consisted of a video parade for true followers of fashion.


This highly acclaimed collection got the name “Gucci Aria”, and is considered one of the most important for the Italian firm. This, along with renowned Balenciaga designer Demna Gvasalia.


One of the most anticipated fashion shows in 2021


Digital Runway-One of the most anticipated fashion shows in 2021Alessandro Michele has been Gucci’s creative director since 2015 and showing this new collection has been a dream come true. And it is that for many followers of Gucci and Balenciaga, a new collaboration between both brands seemed impossible. The reason is that both have different design concepts and both are great icons of culture and fashion.


However, these factors weren’t reason enough to not make these brands with different visions merge. The result? A work only defined with a single word: “Showstopping”.


The reality is that the Gucci Aria collection has had a surprising result and both brands feel satisfied. And they’re not the only ones, the public got to see the newest designs for 2021.


The Gucci Ari collection has made the difference


Digital Runway.The new and unexpected from Gucci and Balenciaga.The Gucci Ari collection has made the differenceFor the Gucci brand, the year 2021 is very important for its centenary. Because of this, as a reason for celebration, they wanted to do something different. That’s why they teamed up with Balenciaga to create exclusive clothing items. For example, those they often offer to their public separately.


It isn’t a secret that one of the most marked characteristics of the Gucci brand is its seventies line. That’s why Alessandro and Demma managed to fuse this aesthetic with those of Balenciaga to show the best of each of the fashion houses.


Likely, joining the codes of each fashion firm wasn’t so easy at first. However, thanks to their professionalism, they were able to overcome this challenge. In fact, at the beginning of the year, they were able to launch a wonderful collection. Said collection stood especially for its shine, oversized garments, and monograms.


What kinds of clothing was the sensation at Gucci and Balenciaga 2021?


Digital Runway.The new and unexpected from Gucci and Balenciaga.What kinds of clothing was the sensation at Gucci and Balenciaga 2021The Gucci Aria collection stood out, even though other fashion houses also offered an excellent digital fashion show. You couldn’t expect less from Gucci and Balenciaga, two brands characterized by their elegance and originality on the runway.


The square shoulders in the eighties style were one of the main elements of this fashion show, as well as the crystal inlays present in most of the garments.


Similarly, runway models used riding helmets, harnesses, and other eye-catching embellishments to complement their outfits. On the other hand, the iconic Gucci prints were also present. Only this time they were fused with accessories and other elements included by the Balenciaga proposal.


Another feature that has attracted the attention of this collaboration has been the use of rigid fabrics. These have been used to make well-structured constructions complemented with feathers to create a greater volume effect or other elements to provide a greater effect to the different looks.


Just as Gucci has given its special touch to this collection, Balenciaga has also done so by including its classic tall boots designed with Gucci’s floral print and monogram. The names of both fashion firms have been the undisputed protagonists of this collection, where it has been possible to visualize chains or other shiny accessories that have contributed their touch of difference.


The collaboration between both brands is surprising


Digital Runway - The collaboration between both brands is surprisingWhile it is true, Gucci and Balenciaga had already merged in the past, however, this digital show has caused a lot of joy because it has been possible to see one of the best spring-summer collections.


For fans of fashion who have been able to see this parade by video, this collection is unrepeatable. In fact, this was only possible because both brands managed to materialize their ideas in the right way.


In advance of the fashion show, Balenciaga’s creative director had an interview where he said that this collection’s clothes are real. This clarification was relevant because this brand through digital parades included video games with avatars.


In the same way, Demma has pointed out that he and Alessandro are very different when designing. However, both have a common factor, which is that they like to deal with topics such as branding and others of interest to create versatile garments that are fused but transmit the codes of both brands.


Gucci and Balenciaga lovers loved this collaboration


Digital Runway.The new and unexpected from Gucci and Balenciaga.Gucci and Balenciaga lovers loved this collaborationFashion lovers who love Gucci and Balenciaga were satisfied with this majestic collaboration during 2021. And who isn’t going to feel this way? After all, most people were expecting this collaboration for a long time, while others didn’t even think it was possible.


Seeing both brands on the same catwalk is a great joy, even though a video was the only way to see it.


Besides, there’s no doubt that both Gucci and Balenciaga have their own charm, and that’s why this union created one of the best collections of 2021.


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