Everything your need to know about Hermes’ 2021 Fashion Show and more

Digital Runway - Hermes 2021 fashion show

Everything your need to know about Hermes’ 2021 Fashion Show and more. Paris fashion week dressed up to present what would be the Hermes 2021 fashion show. In it, we were able to see a completely fascinating spring-summer collection. I think we all can’t deny that this brand always stands out with each presentation. As you can imagine, this time, it wasn’t the exception.


The location


To start talking about what this fashion show was, we cannot fail to mention the place where it took place. Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski, Hermes Creative Director, revealed that preparations for this particular show were very long. In fact, the preparations for this catwalk show began in May to offer a quality show.


Besides, those gathered for Paris Fashion Week had to go to a hangar in the Parisian airport Le Bourget for private planes. Once there, a round walkway was located surrounded by paintings from Flora Moscovici. These stood out their orange tones, the characteristic color of the Hermes brand.


This show, which took place in a hangar, also featured oversized doors. These slid back and forth as the models walked by. All of them wearing the garments part of this latest spring/summer collection.




For Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski this was her first royal show. That’s why she wanted to convey a lot of optimism through the colors and everything from this magical event. In fact, this show got its inspiration from the global movement part of the synchronized shows held in New York, Shanghai, and Paris last season.


This parade was spectacular. In fact, the moment when the models lined up in front of the door located in the hangar was very striking. After all, it was opened to reveal the runway behind them.


Similarly, it became a symbolic moment when the creative director of the Hermes brand came out to say hello, as a plane landed behind them.




This word is very important for the Hermes brand since this collection has been based on symbols of purification.


Nadége Vanhee-Cybulski wanted this Hermes collection to be synonymous with freedom, so he focused on conveying a fresh and very light look. In the same way, he also expressed that I am looking for light ornamentation to achieve the necessary balance between liveliness and minimalism.


As a result, we saw day dresses with cuts that evoked simplicity. This in turn was reflected in the different looks created from leather. Apart from these dresses, which have been a very interesting proposal, there were few appearances by the tailor shop, to suit everyone’s tastes.




Solar colors we part of this collection presented at the 2021 fashion show. This representation of colors has kept the symbolism of the brand. Even if the creative director made a very persuasive move to add a sexy touch. After all, this characteristic is the protagonist of this season.


On the catwalk, we were able to see a very versatile collection. In it, we saw tops with bodices, some of them were trimmed in leather, which allowed adding a bit of sensuality to the Hermes code.


That proposal that we could see has been one of the most sophisticated in sending the message of wearing little clothes on the catwalks, in what has been the post-pandemic. And it is that after spending so much time at home wearing covered clothes, the time has come to bring back sexy clothes.


In fact, we can’t forget to mention how the brand’s creative director shoes had a slightly sensual air. After all, they were sandals made up of straps with platforms and lined with spectacular leather socks.




As we said at the beginning, this was the first real fashion show for Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski. However, this creative director managed to raise the brand’s name with her work characterized by innovation. In fact, the evolution of his work has been remarkable. He has been able to make other people feel the sense of motivation he wanted to convey from the beginning.


Similarly, the work carried out by Vanhee-Cybulski goes hand in hand with a fresh and contemporary evolution, which is indisputably in tune with the firm.


The looks for the Hermes brand shouldn’t only relate to tastes or desires. Instead, they should relate to gestures that, even if they are small, can reach the hearts of the people who are going to wear each of these garments.


A parade in style


For all luxury brands, innovation has been one of the most important elements to present their new collections in 2021. Because of this, they are already preparing for what will be their fashion shows in 2022.


Many of these are focusing on recovering their eccentrics. However, Hermes is confident that staying in their line of minimalism is the best option. That’s why it keeps betting on timeless basics, considering that they never stop working.


Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski had a preference for warmth for what would be the spring-summer collection. Therefore, he preferred a color palette to include the warmest yellows, the must-have orange, and skin tones.


As a result, this Hermes collection focused on simplicity through straight lines and classic minimalism. In the same way, the goal was to create a collection of good taste and comfort. As a result, this entire collection allows freedom of movement.


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