How Dior overcame the pandemic to offer the most luxurious experience

Digital Runway - Dior 2021 fashion show

How Dior overcame the pandemic to offer the most luxurious experience. The Dior 2021 Fashion Show was full of style since there was a live audience present. The pandemic indeed affected the fashion industry in more ways than one. However, this hasn’t stopped the most important fashion houses in the world, such as Dior, to carry out their fashion show in 2021.


To begin, it’s worth noting that this haute couture parade was in charge of Maria Grazia Chiuri. The first female designer who has been in charge of this French brand and has known how to leave her name high.


What was the most peculiar thing about the Dior 2021 fashion show?


Many fashion houses decided to carry out their fashion shows through live broadcasts and even social media. However, for Dior, it was very important to do a face-to-face fashion runway.


Although fashion doesn’t require human presence, for Maria Grazia Chiuri it was essential to fulfill this objective to tell a story different from the one transmitted through a digital fashion show. And it’s that for this designer, even if cinema can touch many emotions, the craftsmanship, material, or other important elements that make up an haute couture garment cannot be explained.


Consequently, it has been a privilege for Dior to be able to show its collection in person after several seasons of absence.


The set for the Dior 2021 fashion show dressed in luxury


For Dior, doing a face-to-face fashion show was a relevant moment and had to be carried out in style. That’s why they wanted to stand out with a striking set to give an incredible reception to their guests. After all, they had been waiting for this fashion show and gathered in the Musée Rodin Garden. In itself, this has always been the place that dresses up in France for Dior to show its collections.


On this occasion, artisans embroidered the set’s walls, evoking landscapes that bring to mind directly the Palazzo Colonna in Rome. These embroideries were made by the Chanakya Crafts school in India, a magnificent place responsible for helping artisans to keep traditional crafts alive.


Besides, the embroideries on the walls were 350 meters long, so it took approximately three months to create them. For Chiuri, this collaboration has allowed solidarity between women in India, since different communities have participated in the creation of this textile.


The Dior 2021 fashion show focused on knitwear


Maria Grazia Chiuri as Dior’s representative focused on fabrics. And in the same way, she emphasized the fact that haute couture workshops communities also work with textiles. That’s why you can see seamstresses, embroiderers, and menders working in the same place.


This collection has had a characteristic renovation. After all, since from the classic Dior dress codes, the use of stitches was switched to create majestic dresses. This way, customers who wish to purchase a dress have the opportunity to choose the weight of the threads of their preference, depending on where they live.


For Chiuri it’s important to satisfy the needs of all her clients. Because of this, she’s aware that they need different weights to suit each temperature.


Haute couture brings comfort to the Dior 2021 fashion show


Dior’s 2021 collection focused on comfortable embroidery, combined with boots and hats. On the other hand, all of these garments were created with daily activities in mind. After all, due to the pandemic, many events such as red carpets and other gala events such as weddings had to stop. For this reason, instead of having a demand for evening dresses, customers have opted for coats and jackets.


On the fashion catwalk, it was possible to see non-knit style fabrics to make bar suits with a minimalist style. Aside from them, we also saw evening dresses. However, these had a lighter touch where the corsetry consisted of fabrics with pleating and braiding techniques.


It was easier to carry out this labor on the body of the clients. This way, everyone can have a functional garment in their wardrobe.


Artisans from all over the world worked with Maria Grazia Chiuri


The runway models at the Dior 2021 fashion show paraded a collection made by artisans from around the world. For this Italian designer, returning to face-to-face shows was very important, just like other designers in the fashion industry.


That’s why, to make an unforgettable gala, she wanted to bring together artisans from different countries. Thus, bringing together people with special abilities to create a wonderful collection of haute couture.


And it’s that Maria Grazia Chiuri hasn’t denied that her signature was sensitive to the situation caused by the pandemic. In fact, this inconvenience has caused an environmental impact. Because of this, fashion firms as a supply chain must support artisans to continue with a good source of work.


Colors were also present at the Dior 2021 Fashion Show


We saw a wide variety of colors at the Dior 202 fashion show. All of them are present in garments characteristic of the classic Dior silhouette. Besides, wide kimonos with stripes were also present alongside long skirts with gathers or with perfect falls to allow a greater movement.


For this season, there is a very varied collection that lovers of the Dior brand know how to appreciate. Definitely, this brand manages to surprise its audience every year. That’s why we can say that this fashion show has been a resounding success.

Photo by: Prestige Hong Kong

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