How much do runway models make?

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How much do runway models make? This question has drawn a lot of attention lately. Generally, most people believe that runway models make a lot of money. Now, keep reading to find out if this is true.


Currently, there are several types of models, but this time we will only talk about the runway models. The world of fashion consists of the best haute couture designers. That is why, when doing a fashion show, they are very demanding when hiring the models who will be the canvas of their clothing.


In fact, we can see renowned brands such as Versace, Valentino, Chanel, and many other fashion houses at fashion shows. They want to show their collections each season or every year. So, this is a million-dollar industry and its main objective is to sell its exclusive clothes to fashion lovers.


Fashion shows are highly exclusive


Digital Runway.How much do runway models make.Fashion shows are highly exclusiveWho goes to fashion shows? Not anyone can attend a catwalk show.


In general, celebrities and upper-class people are the attendants of these types of events. Thus, fashion shows handle a lot of money.


Similarly, runway models have the opportunity to participate in the best fashion shows.


In fact, cities like New York and Paris make tons of money during fashion week.


This could be one of the reasons why many women aspire to be runway models.


If fashion shows are so profitable, how much do runway models make?


Digital Runway.How much do runway models make.If fashion shows are so profitable, how much do runway models makeWhen researching the catwalk model salary, you can see that this point can vary due to several factors. There are the catwalk models whose salary allows them to have a good quality of money. And on the other hand, there are the most sought-after runway models in the world, which have million-dollar contracts.


The income of a runway model can also vary depending on the brand she works for. Likewise, these figures depend on the country in which they work and the attributes a given fashion designer likes about model.


Typically, the average runway model makes $105,750 a year, although this income can also vary between entry-level and more professional models. For example, starter models can earn an approximate salary of $74,896 per year. And, as for more professional models, which in this case would be the runway models, they can earn up to $240,000 a year.


How much do the top runway models earn?


The figures that we just showed you serve as a basis for you to have a clearer idea of a runway model’s earnings. However, the most sought-after models on the runway earn a much higher amount of money from annual contracts.


How much money goes into the most important runway models’ bank account?


Karlie Kloss


Digital Runway.How much do runway models make.Karlie klossEarnings: $13 million


Kloss is an American model and is very popular on social media.


Estée Lauder and Adidas have been some of the brands that worked with her.


She has shown off their collections on the most important catwalks in the world.




Kendall Jenner


Digital Runway.How much do runway models make.Kendall JennerEarnings: $22 million.


Although this model is barely 25 years old, she is already a star in the world of fashion.


For this reason, she is one of the most sought-after runway models today.


So far, she’s worked with major brands such as Adidas and Calvin Klein.


As you can see, this young model earns a large sum of money compared to other runway models.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Digital Runway - Rosie Huntington-WhiteleyEarnings: $11.5 million.


The world of fashion loves this catwalk model, and that is why several million dollars a year enter her account.


In addition to appearing in advertising campaigns, this model has walked on different catwalks showing innovative clothing collections.





Chrissy Teigen


Digital Runway - Chrissy TeigenEarnings: $11.5 million.


The Thai-American is multifaceted, yet earns a good income as a runway model.


Although she has appeared in fashion shows with great importance, she is also a television presenter.




Cara Delevingne


Digital Runway - Cara DelevingneEarnings: $10 million.


In addition to being an actress, this girl is one of the favorite runway models for many fashion designers.


On the runways of Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Burberry, and Dolce & Gabbana, Delevingne has had a great turnout.


She has been very popular for her professionalism so far.



What do you think of these earnings?


Digital Runway.How much do runway models make.What do you think of these earningsAs you can see, the contracts for a runway model are not small.


In fact, they are good income for models who have gained great fame in the fashion world.


You can notice a big difference between the salaries that we showed you at first, and those earned by the most sought-after catwalk models.


However, the first few figures are not bad at all for this job that can turn beginning runway models into celebrities.


Would you like to be a runway model?


Digital Runway.How much do runway models make.Would you like to be a runway modelSurely, the catwalk models’ earnings have caught your attention, and it is understandable. They are very tempting numbers.


However, in the case of the most famous catwalk models, they have worked with a lot of discipline and that is why today they charge so many millions of dollars annually.


Similarly, the designers of the most important fashion brands do an exhaustive casting when choosing their runway models. In addition to this, their models must have some aesthetic conditions work and collaborate on the most envied catwalks today.

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