Human vs Digital Runway Models

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Human vs Digital Runway Models. Do you know Gigi Hadid, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss or Kendall Jenner? Yes, they are famous runway models, Their ramp walk and attitude are world’s known. Everyone wants to follow their fashion idol and fantasize about having the perfect body just like them. But being a part of the fashion industry is not easy, and that being a runway model is quite tough. Though every size and color is beautiful, there are still restrictions you have to follow to be a part of the modelling world. But what if you too can be a part of the modelling industry without any strict regime but through a digital mode?


Yes, that’s right. Today for a fashion show it is not necessary to hire human models. Instead, you can create and design your digital models and conduct an amazing digital fashion show. Digital Runway, an agency helps their client with these kinds of virtual shows. In these, you will have 3D beautiful garments, a computerized ramp, and also real looking digital models doing everything as per your wish and desires. But what is important to think is that are digital models taking over the human models?


Human Runway Models


Digital Runway.Human vs Digital Runway Models.Human Runway ModelsStarting with human runway models, which everyone is aware of. They are people you see in fashion shows, doing catwalks and showcasing the designer’s new clothing collection.


The main aim is to attract viewers toward their robes. There are many models known for their marvelous bodies, but the hard work behind that is unknown.


Therefore, being a model is a really hard job. A person has to be constantly cautious of their looks and body.


Also, the attitude on the ramp should be right. And the most intense work is to perfect the walk. These all things don’t develop overnight. Rather it takes continuous practice and training to be a model.


Digital Runway Models


Digital Runway.Human vs Digital Runway Models.Digital Runway ModelsFor a virtual show, we need virtual models right? These are not real models, but outputs of computer programming. Our technology has become so advanced and efficient that it is possible to set up a Digital fashion show without any real human models. You just need a tech-savvy team who are mad over fashion.


Further, they must have specific skills and expertise to create the 3D garments, digital models, and the ramp. These models are hyperrealistic and look flawless.


For example, Shudu Gram, Lu Do Magalu, Lil Miquela, Barbie, Guggimon, are all virtual influencers. They are the game-changers in the modelling world. Who knows these are our gifts to the future generation?


Real over Virtual?


Digital Runway.Human vs Digital Runway Models.Real over VirtualHuman vs Digital Runway Models. To follow your passion to be a model is the best you can do for yourself. We all know the excitement and craze for a ‘real’ fashion show. The anxiety behind the ramp and the anxiety for the show to start is all breathtaking.


We wait for New York Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week. They are the fashion trendsetters for the coming days.


These fashion shows provide warmth to the viewers. Many prefer real fashion shows over digital as they claim to lose interest online. Also, some say that virtual ones seem too mechanical and hard to believe. The digital models appear to be robots and the garment looks unrealistic. Also, a career as a model is a desire of many. Hence, modelling will continue to be seen on ramp shows.


Virtual over Real?


Digital Runway - fashion showNow we all are familiar with situations like pandemics where human contact is fatal. The world was at pause during this time. Like others, even the fashion industry suffered due to COVID-19. But Digital Runway was the answer. These online fashion shows allowed designers to present their new designs digitally.


Virtual models ensure minimum human contact and fewer efforts. It is easier to make a digital model as you just need to program and design it. This doesn’t require any training or a strict diet for maintaining the perfect shape. You just have to excel at modelling software and voilà you have a perfect model. You can even make desired changes and alterations in digital models as per your wishes.


A digital runway minimizes the chances of uncertainty. This means when working with human models, even after weeks of ramp practice, one is not sure of the mishappening on the stage in the showdown. But with digital models, everything is already planned and programmed. Their walk, pose are all already set. And obviously, they wear virtual garments that ensure no end minute fitting issues. Also, you can control the slightest movement of the garment with your instructions.


Virtual fashion shows are also comparatively less expensive. Expenditure on hiring famous supermodels, cloth for garments, lighting, studio, ramp, transportation, and others, is a lot. Therefore, yes, the software for the virtual ones are expensive but it is a one-time investment. These are considered way more economically than the real ones. One can even digitally clone our favorite celebrity to walk on-ramp.


And the most important one, digital models are sustainable. They don’t require water, air, or food. Also waste generation is none. What more we can ask for. There are fewer carbon footprints in Digital Shows.


Final words for Human vs Digital Runway Models


Digital Runway - man using computersTechnologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality has blurred the line between real and virtual. This digitalization has transformed the fashion industry.


So whether to choose real or virtual is great confusion. Both have their pros and cons. But we can’t ignore the development fashion is making through online mode. One can not ignore the constant growth in science and technology. Further, many famous brands are also conducting virtual shows. The continuous impact of virtual influencers on our life is exigent. Digital Media without a doubt is the future of our world. Then why not fashion be a part of this.


It is completely your choice to go for real or virtual. But Online shows are definitely in trend. Digital Runway, provides you with a platform to have your digital fashion shows with virtual models. They suggest going digital and being part of the revolution.

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