Is Digital Fashion a game-changer?

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Is Digital Fashion a game-changer? Digital Fashion is not unknown or new technology. It has actually existed for way longer than we know. If you are into gaming, you are already familiar with digital fashion. There is a concept of “skin” in video games where characters can change their clothes. So, this is what is happening in the digital fashion industry.


Before concluding that if Digital Fashion is a game-changer or not, let’s understand what it is.


What is digital fashion?


Digital Runway. Is Digital Fashion a game-changer.What is digital fashionThe stereotypical fashion is a long process of getting inspiration, creating a handmade design, choosing the best material, and finally stitching the outfit. The work doesn’t end here. Then there is the delivery of clothes to stores. In addition, a huge fashion brand also organizes a fashion show for their latest upcoming designs. But what if all this work gets transferred to single desk work?


Everything from designing to making outfits is done on the computer in digital fashion. Amazed? Don’t be because this doesn’t end here. In today’s time, even a digital fashion runway is possible. In this, some computerized human models wear virtual robes only. There are agencies like Digital Runway that excel at making digital humans and organizing interactive fashion shows. There is the use of Artificial Intelligence to construct 3D clothes and human avatars.


Digital Fashion has been only possible with the improving technology. But one more factor has provided a kickstart for this evolution. Let’s read about this in the next section.


Boost of Digital Fashion


Digital Runway. Is Digital Fashion a game-changer.Boost of Digital FashionThe world is now known for situations like pandemics where everything comes to a halt. So, even the fashion industry got stagnant a little bit. There was no gala, fashion shows, or fashion parties during this time. But who can stop their obsession with fashion? A trend of digital fashion started with this.


It includes a real model’s cat walking in front of a green screen with digital effects in the background. This marvelously gave a hyper-realistic illusion of a runway. Many great brands like Versace have successfully done digital fashion shows.


In advance of this, the concept of Virtual Fashion Show came forward. This means there are no human models or real clothes. Instead, models and garments are created with the help of 3D digital design techniques. And voila, here is your digital fashion show showcasing your creativity even in a situation where social distancing is a must.


Advantages of Digital Fashion


Digital Runway. Is Digital Fashion a game-changer.Advantages of Digital FashionSo yes, we can say that digital fashion can be a game-changer in the future. It has already proved its worth and importance during the pandemic. But there are many more plus points of Digital Fashion that ensure its continuity in the future.


  • Digital Fashion is much more sustainable than the ‘real’ fashion shows. As every procedure is technology-based with minimum human involvement, fewer carbon footprints exist. In addition, there is also less waste generation.
  • There are no last-minute alterations. A technology needs software and commands to perform. Therefore, executing a digital fashion show is organized and planned well before the time with no last-minute hassles.
  • It speeds up the process. We all know how much time is needed for the designing process. Digital work has provided a quick and easy way of completing all tasks. The physical photoshoots are tiresome and time-consuming, but through Artificial Intelligence, everything is possible just by sitting in one place. 
  • Digital Fashion can also be cost-efficient. This requires expensive software as input, and then you can use it for many projects. Also, it vastly reduces the manufacturing, production, and transportation cost.
  • Further, it is also helpful in online shopping platforms. For example, Puma uses this technique on its website. It is indeed an excellent marketing and selling technique for brands.


Future of Digital Fashion  


runway modelWe can easily conclude that Digital Fashion will remain in town for long from the above. Instead, it is the fashion industry’s future. We will witness many digital galas and fashion shows where clones and virtual models will dominate the ramp. The increasing scientific and technological advancement is will surely improve the quality of digital fashion. Shudu Gram, a digital supermodel, is an excellent product of digitalization. She has collaborated with great brands like Fenty beauty lipstick, Prada, and many more. 


There are indeed certain critics of digital fashion. Some say it doesn’t give real-life warmth and experience. Some call it a flop show. But we should applaud the efforts, hard work, and vision behind this transformation. Digital Runway is an online agency contributing to this evolution. They offer a platform to fulfill your dream and desire to engage with Digital Fashion.


No one could imagine Virtual Runways ten years earlier, but we live the fantasy here. So, who knows what more can come…? This fashion is definitely a game-changer offering a step forward from conventional fashion.

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