Is Virtual Runway making its way?

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Is Virtual Runway making its way? The spotlight and the butterflies in the stomach behind the runway is a truly fantastic feeling. The last-minute alterations, waiting for the cue, and the showdown on the ramp, are all essential elements of the fashion industry. The two-second of numbness in the dark waiting for the music and lights just before the show starts seems to be the longest time, right? And the time with the first breath as the first model walks in till the second of the last one walks out ends with a blink. 


What if the anxiety and excitement of a ‘real’ fashion show disappear? Yes, that’s right, we all experienced such a situation during the pandemic. We know it wasn’t very good. But the fashion lovers didn’t sit idle. They went for the virtual runways and kept their fashion streak alive.


Choice of Virtual Runway was may be out of desperation, but it was for sure the lifesaver. And these digital runways, without any doubt, appear to be the solution for a situation like the pandemic. Virtual fashion shows are becoming a trend during the pandemic and everyday life, and the graph is rising. But before concluding to the part of Is Digital Runway making its way, let’s discuss what Virtual Runway is.


What is a Virtual Runway?


We all know the real runways are with human models’ catwalks with a physical audience. In these, the models wear actual garments on the ramp. But the Virtual Runways are the opposite. There is no ramp, lights, or sound and no physical audience in the fashion show. 


Virtual Fashion can be of two types. First, there are human models in front of the green screen wearing real designer clothes and facing the camera. The background of such a show is digitally designed with special effects. There is human contact as the models and the designers interact with each other. Also, there is lighting and sound with the walk with additional computerized effects. The output is excellent. Further, the audience watches the live show online.


The second one is the more advanced version of the digital fashion show. In this, not just the background, even the humans are technology born. The virtual runway is there where digital models wear digital garments. The Virtual Runway is a reality of today. Real-looking models are walking on the digital ramp showcasing marvelous clothes. Behind this, there is a whole set of software and Artificial Intelligence working for one digital fashion show. The audience applauds them online.


Why choose a Virtual Runway?


Digital Runway.Is Virtual Runway making its way.What is a Virtual RunwayDigital Runway is an online agency that excels at conducting virtual fashion shows.


They are experts at designing 3D robes and digital hyper-realistic models.


Further, they put forth various pros of the virtual runway that will convince you to go for all digital.


Some of them are:



  • EcofriendlyDigital Runway - Ecofriendly

Virtual Runways are way more sustainable than you think.


For example, there is less water consumption, electricity usage, and no garment designing leads to no cloth wastage, and at last fewer carbon footprints.


Thevirtual runways can be executed just on a single desk.




Digital Runway.Is Virtual Runway making its way.No last-minute changes

  • No last-minute changes – The real runways mainly involve the end-moment clothing issues or something happening with the ramp.

But with the virtual runways, there are no such issues.


Everything is well organized and planned.


Thanks to advanced technology, we can do anything by programming.


  • All as per desires


Digital Runway.Is Virtual Runway making its way.All as per desiresSometimes, your expectations and output do not correlate in natural ramp walks.


You put a lot of effort into clothes, models, lights, but the final show can flop.


But due to scientific enhancement, you can run the fashion show end number of times, with multiple changes you want before the last show.


In this, everything happens as per your wants and wishes. Everything can be in your control, from the way of a model walking to the free-flowing nature of the garment.


  • Time Efficient


Digital Runway - Time EfficientThe conventional fashion shows include actual photoshoots, transfer of garments, arranging the whole ramp, and many more.


But in Virtual Shows, there is no time wastage in transportation or having a physical photoshoot.


This way, it for sure saves your precious time.




What’s in the future?


Digital Runway.Is Virtual Runway making its way.What_s in the futureMany famous brands like Prada, Chanel, Saint Laurent, and many other fashion brands are shifting to these fashion shows.


Due to this digital revolution, the Virtual Runway’s future is almost certain. It is making its way into the market.


You will be able to clone your favorite celebrity on the ramp wearing your designed clothing line. There it is making its way in the future.


Many companies are offering to set up online fashion shows. One of them, Digital Runway, gives you a space to organize virtual runways in the best possible way.


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