Isabel Marant Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Show

Digital Runway - Isabel Marant fashion show

Isabel Marant Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Show. Isabel Marant is a designer of French origin. And she is the owner of a very famous fashion brand that bears the same name “Isabel Marant”. Likewise, like the other luxury brands, in 2021 we were able to appreciate the spring-summer 2022 fashion show. Focused on the spring-summer collection.


Following the pandemic, fashionistas have had their eyes set on all the luxury brands. And this is one of the reasons why the big firms have focused on creating great runway shows. Ones that are unique and different. That´s why Isabel Marant has not been left behind and focused on offering a quality fashion show.


This has been the designer’s last collection. A proposal that was presented in the city of Paris and managed to stand out. For being full of great ideas and, above all, comfort.




It’s worth clarifying that this spring/summer 2022 collection by Isabel Marant has had a very clear inspiration. And it has been a very colorful color palette that refers to the sunset we can see during the summer season.


For this Paris Fashion Week, the designer also wanted to reflect the sky that she could see during her vacations in Spain. This is a very authentic way of being able to transmit and evoke the tranquility that she felt. And above all, the fun that you she was able to enjoy. During those days of disconnection with the rest of the world.


Similarly, it´s also important to note that to reflect their feelings in this collection, a wide variety of patterns and more relaxed silhouettes have been present. With the making of garments that are not so elaborate.




During this catwalk show, it was very interesting to see different garments in the same Isabel Marant 2022 collection. The bomber jackets attracted a lot of attention and the parachute jumpsuits allow better movement when wearing them.


Also, so that comfort is never lacking, the brand has thought of those who seek comfort most of their time. This is why wide shorts were also a part of this collection. In the same way, since summer is synonymous with the beach, during the show the models very often walked the catwalk parading beautifully patterned bikinis.


So, each of these garments is perfect to walk during this season of the year. With a good relaxed look and especially with lots of style.




As for accessories, these could not be absent in this latest collection from the Isabel Marant brand. To start talking about accessories, it can´t go unnoticed that we could admire different designs of sandals. And all of them managed to captivate the attention of both men and women.


However, medium-heeled strappy sandals have been one of the most commented-on for their contribution to urban style. In short, accessories like these are necessary to put together a truly sophisticated wardrobe.


The handbags also came to surprise the followers of this firm. And they were manufactured in different sizes and colors to suit everyone’s needs. Consequently, when you need a bag for a day at the beach or by the pool, you can perfectly wear a bag from this luxury brand to complement an outfit as it should be.


Marant Spirit


Whoever follows the trends of this brand surely knows the meaning of the Marant spirit. This brand is known for showing a proposal that has followed the same line in all collections. And of course, this would not be the exception.


Mini dresses and high boots are reference icons for this brand. Being a look common in both summer and winter fashion shows. And it couldn´t be otherwise. Since, for the designer of this brand a relaxed style made up of the bohemian and sporty, will never be boring or go out of style.




This Isabel Marant runway held outdoors was marked by different types of outfits. For starters, in the middle of the catwalk, we saw a disco touch when appreciating metallic pink garments.


Also, a white blouse with balloon sleeves stole many glances. As it was the ideal proposal to go to a party looking comfortable and elegant.


Those who are attracted to nightlife also had the opportunity to find interesting picks for this collection. For this, the ultrashort shorts in different textures and colors were present.


Again, we mention the accessories since they became the real stars of the night. And it´s that without accessories like these it´s almost impossible to complement a look as it should be. The models looked amazing with every piece of clothing shown on the catwalk. And amid all the accessories we could see, the oversized star-shaped earrings were very popular. And it´s likely that during 2022 they will remain in trend.




Many luxury brands have focused on the need for their customers to be more comfortable when it comes to dressing. After spending so much time at home. That´s why, for the Marant spring/summer collection, its designer aimed to create clothes and accessories that could be versatile. And at the same time comfortable to wear.


Throughout her career as a designer and the owner of her brand, Isabel Marant has stood out for her cleverness. She created some ultra-long and highly embellished cowboy boots, which you can combine with an endless number of clothes. So, the models wear them together with denim clothes, and even with swimsuits.


Although it´s a collection designed for the summer, it didn´t lack the shine or necklines that we need in the wardrobe to be ready for any occasion.

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