The spectacular Marc Jacobs’ 2021 fashion show

Digital Runway - The spectacular Marc Jacobs' 2021 fashion show

The spectacular Marc Jacobs’ 2021 fashion show. The fall 2021 collection of designer Marc Jacobs is now ready to be used. At least, that’s what we saw from its fashion show presented in New York City. Even if the pandemic paralyzed the most popular sectors in the world, the fashion industry kept meeting the needs of its audience.


In fact, Marc Jacobs knew how to take advantage of the pandemic. After all, in the middle of his rest, he also took time to think about what would be part of this new collection. And, although many designers opted for virtual presentations, this designer hasn’t been part of the runway since before the arrival of Covid-19.


However, New York’s Fashion Week dressed up to close with a flourish by presenting the fall collection of this designer with great global recognition. Jacobs has come back stronger than ever, showing a private show at this city’s public library. Once again showing that his fashion style can be for everyone.


Marc Jacobs once again showcased his professionalism


For the presentation of the fall 2021 collection, Marc Jacobs screened his new collection. To achieve this, he took advantage of the facade of Bergdorf Goodman.


For this designer, pausing during the pandemic allowed him to reflect and take inventory. This way, he found out what works, what should go, and what keeps being of value for fashion fans. So, even if many luxury brands haven’t surprised us as in other past catwalks, Jacobs has tried to maintain the exuberance in his clothing to not lose its style.


In fact, many elements from this collection took the attention of the audience. For example, the logos are disguised with prints and sparkles in great quantity. Not only that, but this new Jacobs fall collection has attracted so much attention that the Bergdorf Goodman association, starting in September, will become the exclusive retailer of this designer’s brand. This is something that excites the fashion community since there’s no doubt that this union of both icons will be very promising in New York.


What caught the attention of the Marc Jacobs 2021 fashion show?


Let’s talk a little about the theme chosen for Marc Jacobs’ 2021 fashion show. For this occasion, once again the haute couture that characterizes this great designer was present. In fact, we saw on the catwalk a lot of dynamism and joy thanks to its style.


One of the peculiarities of this designer is that when making each piece, he looks at the needs of fashion lovers. That’s why he showcased rib-knit overalls followed by different proposals.


In the same way, the sequined dresses drew attention so as not to leave aside the extravagant style. Consequently, the runway featured models walking in padded hairnets, cocoon coats, hoods, and much more.


Besides, skirts over pants stole glances, as well as faux fur scarves. After all, they drew a lot of attention by being dragged behind the models.


Among other clothing items that became the protagonists, it’s worth mentioning its thick sweaters and pants with characteristic optical phenomena. The list is very long when it comes to talking about the garments we saw on this luxury catwalk. However, the body’s cut on the sides and midi-cut skirts became the sensation of the show.


Outerwear captivated the attention of Marc Jacobs fans


Outerwear has also been part of Marc Jacobs’ 2021 fashion show. That’s why we saw this kind of clothing on the catwalk. Many of them had large logos, while others were outlined with long fringes. This way, the public can warm up without leaving style aside.


These outerwear jackets are sure to make a splash once they arrive at Bergdorf Goodman in the fall.


Just as black was one of the most used for this collection, colorful textures were used to create tight and padded dresses. Similarly, to complement these dresses, padded boleros, as well as stoles, were present.


An element that has also attracted attention was the yellow bags used for Bergdorf purchases. These were showcased through Instagram. There’s no doubt that this collection didn’t miss any detail. Even the bags that the audience could take home with the garments they bought from this collection.


The Marc Jacobs fashion show culminated successfully


At the end of this event with a spectacular fall collection, Marc Jacobs was very happy to see people enjoying the show. After all, it was a firm success.


For him, it’s a great joy to keep doing what he loves the most. Especially after the loneliness or uncertainty that the pandemic created. Today keeps being important for our existence.


All luxury brands, rather than setting trends, follow true fashion to meet the needs of their audience. As a result, they focus on creating shows that will impress them. This way, they can encourage them to have the clothes they see in the middle of the catwalk for themselves.


One of Marc Jacob’s goals for this fashion show was to demonstrate that American fashion is just as important as European fashion. This, of course, was a success since he managed to transmit it through each piece of clothing for the summer collection.


Finally, we can say that this designer’s fashion show achieved a score of 10/10.


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