Metaverse Fashion Week 2022: Tommy Hilfiger Joins Decentraland

digital runway - metaverse fashion week 2022 - tommy hilfiger

Metaverse Fashion Week 2022: Tommy Hilfiger Joins Decentraland. The first Metaverse fashion week has brought together important firms from the fashion world. So, it is important to note that Tommy Hilfiger joined the metaverse. It is worth noting that this American brand, founded in 1985, is used to surprising us. Therefore, it would have been rather strange that they would not be part of this parade.


After fashion weeks in Paris, New York, Milan, and London, the fashion industry wanted to enter the virtual reality world. However, to carry out a metaverse fashion week in style, a fashion week was organized for 4 days. Something where parties, events, and limited editions of NFT garments that can be worn exclusively in the Metaverse were not lacking.


Creation of a Fashion Street


This virtual universe reserved several pieces of land for creating a Fashion Street. Or a district, as the different locations in this world are also known. Similarly, in each of these districts, the attendee enjoyed the events listed on the calendar.


Who have been the protagonists? For this Metaverse Fashion Week, there was a mix of well-known and established firms trading their designs in the metaverse. Therefore, brands such as Guo Pie, Hogan, Etro, and Tommy Hilfiger have been part of this event.


In the case of Tommy Hilfiger, they were able to participate in this event held in the luxury district of the Decentraland platform, which brings fashion lovers together in a different way. What better way than to make use of the expansion of technology towards virtual worlds.


For the CEO of Tommy Hilfiger, Metaverse Fashion Week adds value to the business.


Tommy Hilfiger joined the metaverse and caused a sensation at Metaverse Fashion Week. All through 3D renderings of physical games that were released using Boson protocol technology.


Visiting avatars have been able to encounter floating 3D incarnations of the merchandise seen physically. Bringing many benefits to virtual merchandising.


In fact, Martijn Hagman, CEO of Tommy Hilfiger Global and PVH, has said that the brand’s digital foundation was already in a great place. And it has been able to evolve from there. Similarly, he added that his consumers have shown great interest in this type of interaction. And, for their part, they are committed to providing the best experience on their trips.


NFTs offered by Tommy Hilfiger at Metaverse Fashion Week.


The NFTs that have been offered in the pop-up window of this event by Tommy Hilfiger has been exchanged for limited edition physical products that are part of the spring 2022 collection. Similarly, this exchange has been possible thanks to technology that enables the boson protocol.


Likewise, DCL wearables for avatars were on sale. And only 30 of them were manufactured. In this way, they became collectible items. Mainly because of their democratic price of 20 Mana, which is the currency of DCL. Therefore, in US dollars, each one would cost approximately $50.


Regarding price points, those of other luxury brands that also operated in this space were much higher.


For Hagman, his presence in the Metaverse is an excellent strategy to add value to the brand from a retail angle.


Hagan’s statement after the Metaverse Fashion Week


Hagman has disclosed that it has been vital for him to take a 360 phygital approach at Metaverse Fashion Week. The reason is that we are still in a fusion between the digital and the physical world. Similarly, the curiosities around the metaverse are fascinating, which encourages brands to remove the barrier between the physical and digital.


Therefore, as a company belonging to the fashion world, Tommy Hilfiger also has to join the new era of commerce. One that consumers are really excited about. However, he also explains that digital sales tools, virtual reality, and 3D design have allowed them a great entry point towards the phygital approach.


New challenges for Tommy Hilfiger


After this firm participates in the Metaverse Fashion Week, it must face new challenges. That’s why Hagman said that technology is on their side right now. As they’ve been investing in business innovations to support the journey they’ve begun to Web 3.0.


Similarly, he also announced that although this is a new frontier for their business functions. They must focus on improving their skills and building and executing new business models.


All the people who wanted to could participate in this event. You only need to create an Avatar to access all the locations directly from the Decentraland website. Similarly, access is easier from a desktop computer than from a mobile phone.


Now that Tommy Hilfiger has joined the metaverse, what will be their next innovation?

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