Everything about Miu Miu’s 2021 Fashion Show

Digital Runway - Everything about Miu Miu's 2021 Fashion Show

Everything about Miu Miu’s 2021 Fashion Show. Miu Miu is a recognized Italian fashion brand founded in 1992 by Miuccia Prada. Being a brand with such prestige in the world, it often surprises its audience with its fashion shows. That is why for this occasion he has managed to surprise again, through his fashion show Miu Miu fall-winter 2021.


For this occasion, Miuccia Prada decided to gather a group of women for this collection. And when it comes to the location, nothing less than the Alps. The goal was to undertake a journey through the snow-covered mountains. All to show the courage that exists in all the garments that would grace the catwalk.




No one can deny that thousands of people await anxiously for every runway from Miuccia Prada. This is because it allows today’s women to make concrete decisions about what to wear. In fact, it can even allow them to know how to decorate the home.


All the collections created by haute couture firms are inspired by different elements. That’s why for this fall/winter fashion show, the idea was to send the message that clothes can match the dreams and realities of everyone who wears a Miu Miu garment.


Mrs. Prada’s inspiration wasn’t only about clothes. After all, she also loves to find amazing places to showcase her collections. This way, they also become destinations that everyone will want to visit.


“Miu Miu Mountain Club”


This time, the Miu Miu fashion show received the name of “Miu Miu Mountain Club”, for the presentation of the fall/winter collection.


Cortina d’Ampezzo, a place that has become the fashionable ski resort in Italy, was the home of the small group of models hired for this spectacular parade. The snow-capped mountains served as a beautiful backdrop for the catwalk. Of course, to carry out this event at no time did the social distancing go unnoticed.




One point that we can’t ignore is that this runway didn’t have a Zoom background. Much less did it have images shown through a computer.


This walkway really caused a sensation as it was 150 meters long of recycled wood, on a real stretch of snow. Miuccia Prada is fond of mountaineering. This is one of the reasons why she knows how to take advantage of the aesthetic nature of this type of environment.


Besides, we must also mention how this show’s audience was virtual. All who attended were able to see this magnificent event from the comfort of their homes. Among them, Golden Globe winner for best actress, Emma Corrin, the protagonist of the Bridgertons in its second season, Simone Ashley, and the famous runway supermodel Du Juan.


To showcase this very avant-garde collection of Miu Miu 2021, these famous women received a carved wooden box. Within it, there was an expedition flag with a clue as to where the parade would be. In fact, as Corrin opened the invitation, she expressed that this detail reminded her of the clues given by the scouts.


Autumn/winter collection


For this occasion, through the autumn/winter collection Miuccia Prada wanted to highlight two main elements. Firstly, she wanted to evoke the traveling and escapist spirit. Secondly, she wanted to deviate a bit from the romantic style of Miu Miu to show a more practical collection.


Thanks to this designer adventurous spirit, we saw the presence of false fur yeti boots, closed neck scarves, and crystal necklaces on the runway. All of them served as the complement to some looks.


Also, this collection was full of baggy snowboard pants and padded jackets. Without a doubt, this very practical and comfortable style goes the attention of more than a few. Especially this last year when the use of extravagant clothing hasn’t been necessary as a result of the pandemic.


In fact, for many of the girls this year and in the past, hiking boots were a great companion when going out into the natural world. That’s why while all people prepare for a post-pandemic world, people can breathe fresh air. Besides, what better way to do it than with the unique fresh air of the Alps.




In short, Miu Miu’s 2021 fall models walked the catwalk dressed and prepared for extreme environments. All this without forgetting the bond maintained with the community. In other words, the group of people who have been loyal to the brand, and don’t forget it.


Through this runway show, we saw how Miu Miu celebrated the innate survival instinct that we all have.


Winter came with Miu Miu in all its expression through bright colors that managed to stand out in the snow such as pink, yellow and green. These strong tones evoked a lot of joy and were perfect to accompany this collection’s natural tones such as khaki green, bone, and brown.


Similarly, scarves, crocheted applications, wool jumpers, and balaclavas made a perfect combination with overalls in the best ski style.


Miu Miu’s 2021 fashion show


These types of garments were made from the inspiration in sports, and to give a touch of style, incredible combinations were made with jeweled necklaces and sparkling appliques. In this way, Miu Miu made a daring mix to show the weather and circumstances don’t matter when it comes to glamour.

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