Paco Rabanne Autumn-Winter 2022 Fashion Show

digital runway - paco rabanne 2022 fashion show

Paco Rabanne Autumn Winter 2022 Fashion Show. There´s no doubt that designers such as Paco Rabanne tend to leave us surprised in each of their catwalks. That´s why elegance and quality couldn´t be missing during Paco Rabanne’s 2022 fashion show. Where he showed his incredible autumn-winter collection.


Likewise, it´s worth mentioning that this collection created by Julien Dossena, creative director of Paco Rabanne’s firm, stands out because of the meaning he gave to each of the textures, and the volumes seen in charming silhouettes. Also, other details have made this collection a resounding success.




This point has turned out to be very curious. Since the space where this fashion show was presented evoked a uterus. Yes, strange as it may seem, this autumn-winter collection took place on a stage where we could see a very warm, flesh-colored lighting.  Set up by Rabanne, specifically at the Palais de Tokyo.


When Julien Dossena was asked about this very witty idea, he said that they had been inspired by a very immersive and at the same time comforting concept. Likewise, after the runway, he also made it known that he wanted to achieve a less hysterical effect. Unlike what happens in other fashion shows. So, to provide a sense of intimacy there was nothing better than making the representation of a uterus.


Similarly, we know that as a cause of covid-19 we find ourselves in a time of distancing. And the Fashion House managed this very well. We saw the use of extremely modern masks a lot, they were mandatory at the entrance of the event. Then, inside the space where the show would take place, the seats were sufficiently apart from each other. To respect the corresponding protection measures.




The confinement has made the dressing experience more intimate by 2022. And that´s one of the reasons why, for this catwalk, they chose the sensory option. In other words, designer Paco Rabanne wanted to go much further. Unlike other collections that we´ve seen during the covid-19 stage. So, he decided to go for something that was more conceptual and focused on the sensory, instead of the intellectual.


Also, Dossena clarified that this show was adjusted exclusively to many volumes and materials that will allow providing several contrasts. Still, the textures were also an important part. And that´s why we could see beautiful models on the catwalk wearing dresses with free movement.


World of Contrast


Each item of clothing in this collection has given much to talk about. Especially the sequined skirts that managed to burst when complemented with knitted tops with bralettes made in metallic squares.


The flowery dresses with sleeves also stole the attention of the audience. By being very flashy and interspersed with satin panels. But this was not all, since, in addition to the pieces of clothing already mentioned, we could appreciate a knitted sweater. Accompanied by three-dimensional crochet panels. And to complete this look they added a shiny and draped skirt.


Contrasts have been the protagonists of this Paco Rabanne collection. And it´s that at no time was there a clash. On the contrary, he created the greatest possible harmony. Although it was likely difficult due to the variety of elements that were seen.


80´s Touch


The contrasts seen on the Paco Rabanne autumn-winter catwalk were made up of looks inspired by both volumes and fabrics. However, it’s important to highlight that there was a very clear inspiration for both elements to be so relevant.


However, Julien Dossena expressed that the abstract volumes are from haute couture. Referring to the language that achieves the sculptural forms that are fully associated with classic haute couture.


She also said that everything was super short and a bit extreme. And to add some contemporary flair it was also important to show off very cinched waists and knitwear. Consequently, many of the looks that were in this show were very eighties.




We have already referred to the haute couture garments that have greatly impacted this collection. But there´s more. This season is full of impressive designs. And that´s why for the day it has been possible to see an overflow of elegance through garments with check prints in the best style of the Prince of Wales.


Similarly, the jersey and velvet sets are very striking, as is the proposal for the whole night.


For nightlife, fabrics and details are what stand out the most. And this richness was present in the satin, velvet, tulle, and plush mohair. But during the night bright colors such as emerald green, ultraviolet and coral stood out.


Likewise, all these colors, including pink, have been key tones to enhance the iconic metallics that are part of this luxury brand. Although the creations are a bit busy, the details have a delicate touch. Such as, for example, the high necks with ruffles, the leather bows. Besides the metallic mesh with a jewel tone, and the inlays in a variety of striking colors.


Perhaps for many, this collection is “too much”. But for Paco Rabanne’s audience, the successful decoration and extravagant style are charming.




If it´s necessary to mention a word to define what the Paco Rabanne 2022 fashion show was, it´s nothing more than “clever”. This catwalk was surrounded by a uterine atmosphere. While garments appeared on the catwalk that, when brought into the real world, achieve a sensory impact. And this is possible when we find that we can make different creations with the elements that belong to the material world.

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