Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2022

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Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2022. Paris fashion week 2022 is one of the most important events in the world. Considering that fashion has become an industry in itself. In fact, France has become the main reference in this business, its capital Paris being the most acclaimed by clothing firms.


This fashion week has been celebrated in style. So, we will recount the shows of famous brands and emerging designers that have given much to talk about this season. It is worth noting that this Paris Fashion Week has given us incredible shows. So, it is just fitting to remember each one of them.


How does Fashion Week work?


Fashion Week is an event that takes place twice a year in Paris. Likewise, the dates are established by the French Fashion Federation. And they are chosen according to the spring/summer and autumn/winter seasons.


The best fashion houses, brands, and designers participate in this event to show off their latest creations in front of the media and potential buyers. On this occasion, we have been able to see unparalleled shows for 7 days to learn about the trends. And what is new that will be worn during 2022/2023.


When is Paris Fashion Week 2022?


The Paris Fashion Week 2022 was held in 2022, from Monday, February 28, to Tuesday, March 8. This runway has offered us unforgettable moments, beginning with the posthumous tribute to Virgil Abloh in Off-White. And passing through the Louis Vuitton parade, to which a youthful spirit has been added. Similarly, the epic moment that Balenciaga has given us cannot go unnoticed.


Although we saw many shows, some have managed to stand out considerably for their outstanding productions. Especially the recognized haute couture brands. However, credit must also be given to the emerging designers who were in this show. Because they managed to shine for their talent and innovation.


Also, now that we mention emerging designers, we cannot fail to mention Cecile Bahnsen and Botter.


What happened at Paris Fashion Week 2021?


Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2022 is loaded with many exciting details. Although this time, we will mention 5 of the best moments of this show:


Balenciaga made an emotional tribute to Ukraine


The Balenciaga haute couture designer Demna Gvasalia took advantage of his fashion week catwalk to pay homage to Ukraine, his country of origin. By donning t-shirts with the characteristic colors of the flag of this country to give the following message: “ Long live Ukraine, for beauty, strength, truth, and freedom.”


The female and male models were separated from the public by transparent walls to walk under artificial snowflakes. Similarly, once the show began, the audience put on shirts with the colors of this country. Again, the models also wore suits with these same shades.


We must also highlight that it included disposable elements from the Balenciaga collection. That is why we could see floral dresses on the catwalk that evoked the reuse of old fabric and bags that resemble cloth sacks. Likewise, the dresses with long trains and minimalist clothing stood out for the night.


His love of the sea again inspired bottersea


Botter’s creative directors, Lisi Herrebrugh and Rushemy Botter have once drawn inspiration from the sea. The models could be seen with diving equipment elements and recycled plastic collected by “Parley for The Oceans.”


For this brand, accessories are always a critical point in their collections. And this time, several models were walking down the catwalk with plastic chairs commonly seen in the Caribbean.


As for clothing, many colorful straight pants and boots above the knees were present. All accompanied by short dresses and voluminous coats in earth tones.


Louis Vuitton headlined its show with model and Squid Game star HoYeon Jung.


HoYeon Jung was launched into stardom by the French label before her acting debut. Apart from this event, this delivery has been very relevant because it has prevailed in versatile looks where comfort has not been lacking. However, the oversize cut has not been able to miss, far from it, the reinvention of the masculine style by not being adapted to such a marked silhouette.


Likewise, female and male models were wearing garments reminiscent of tailoring, baggy pants, and oversized polo shirts. Following this, neutral colors were the ones that dominated the scene. As well as casual garments and prints that have managed to provide a more balanced appearance.


Chanel took inspiration from the 70s London and the highlands of Scotland.


Chanel presented its autumn/winter 2022 collection to the best beat of the Beatles. This is how this show began, where the wool fabric known as “tweed” could not be missing. The one that made this brand famous at the beginning of the 20th century. Although also apart from focusing on wool jackets, she opted for miniskirts that caused a sensation.


This collection has a country touch, reflected by high boots that help to dodge the water. Hats with a visor, wool socks, and socks that reach the thigh area to add a little color to the legs of the models.


As for the chromatic range, gray and black reign in straight and elongated jackets. However, it was also in skirts that reached thigh height, a straight dress with translucent lace, and other comfortable clothing.


Cecilie Bahnsen got her to wish to be at Paris Fashion Week


This Danish fashion designer has made her debut in the French capital, which has been a dream come true. Inspired by a poem by Tove Ditlevsen, “Night Wandering, 1939”, the designer presented a collection characterized by garments with unique colors such as viral green and bubblegum pink.


Similarly, her dresses have been highly desired for their volume, becoming the protagonists of her parade. Similarly, she also presented ruffled jackets and pants sets in light colors. Such as white and pink and darker ones such as black.


This Fashion Week in Paris was lovely.


Both famous luxury brands and emerging designers made a good presentation of their collections at Paris fashion week 2022. Each of them contributed their grain of sand, showing why they should be present on one of the most important catwalks in the world.

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