Here’s how Prada’s 2021 Fashion show became what it always is, a success

Digital Runway - Here’s how Prada's 2021 Fashion show became what it always is, a success

Here’s how Prada’s 2021 Fashion show became what it always is, a success. The Prada 2021 Fashion Show has been one of the most anticipated events of this year. And just like this brand, other luxury firms in the haute couture industry haven’t stopped. After all, the situation caused by the pandemic hasn’t been an obstacle for any of them. So, despite everything, they will always present their magnificent collections to their followers.


For this Italian brand, this time it was important to do a show with a different point of view. This is because, in previous years, buyers, editors, photographers, and even celebrities attended a gala to see this fashion show.


Instead, in 2021 the brand had to produce a video to present a digital fashion runway to the audience. On this occasion, the Fondazione facilities were used to start filming one of the most relevant events of Milan Fashion Week.


The filming of the fashion show Prada 2021 has been a resounding success


Digital Runway - The filming of the fashion show Prada 2021 has been a resounding success - runway model on a catwalkPrada is used to surprising its following with each of its collections displayed year after year. That’s why, apart from taking care of every detail in their clothing, they also focused on the decoration of the event’s location.


The room where the Prada 2021 fashion show was filmed was designed by AMO Studio, as it has always done for this Italian brand. The rooms in this room feature multiple texture in marble and bright tones, while some had faux leather.


All of this made this site the perfect place for this high-end fashion show. Besides, in addition to a fascinating collection and a pleasant space for its demonstration, it was full of professional models.


Hallie Hummer and Fatou Samb have been the new faces selected to serve as the canvas for Prada’s art. There’s no doubt that Prada’s casting director Ashley Brokaw has once again done an excellent job in choosing the models to be part of the team.


What types of clothing made up the Prada 2021 autumn/winter collection?


Digital Runway - What types of clothing made up the Prada 2021 autumn/winter collection? - models on a catwalkFor Prada’s autumn/winter 2021 collection, the brand presented very exemplary looks made up of layers, prints, and of course, a wide variety of materials.


In the same way, in addition to surprising with very striking clothing, this Italian brand produced many accessories that unquestionably gave life to this collection.


For example, when Hallie went out on the catwalk, we saw a combination of her outfit and a new Prada Cleo bag, which was also part of this collection. Also, while she was walking through the entire catwalk, we could see this model with black gloves made of Napa covering her arms completely.


Boots also took center stage in this fashion show, and both models wore a model with a platform and elastic material up to the thighs. The boots were black with other colorful tones that managed to capture everyone’s attention.


Important details of the Prada 2021 collection


Digital Runway - Important details of the Prada 2021 collection - runway model on a catwalkIt’s common for lovers of a particular luxury brand to want to know all the details of a collection. For the fall/winter collection, Prada teamed up with Simons to bring ‘Possible Feelings II: Transmute‘ to life.


This concept encompasses terms such as transformation. After all, nowadays, the public loves free expression. So, Prada knew that to meet their needs, they had to break with the traditional stereotype of fashion. As a result, they focused on both elegance and style.


To create this collection, the brand decided to stick with the classics. For this reason, bomber coats were present on the catwalk. This way, Prada showed garments with a very special meaning for the history of fashion.


In fact, classic is one of the favorite words of this Italian brand, as it brings relevance to innovative people. However, even if they still follow this line, Prada knows how to mix the classic with new materials to achieve a different style.


All these characteristics were thanks to Miuccia Prada, who used them to describe this collection despite the pandemic.


Similarly, Miuccia has made it clear that she loves fashion. In her words, she says that fashion makes normal elements amazing with a simple gesture. To prove this, we just need to take a look at this new collection.


The Prada 2021 fashion show was a great show


Digital Runway - The Prada 2021 fashion show was a great show - runway model on a catwalkFor Prada’s 2021 fashion show, everyone took care of every detail with great dedication to offer a high-class event. This way, Prada’s lovers got what they expected.


That’s why the soundtrack of the show was in charge of the Canadian musician and DJ Richie Hawtin. And to give life to his new compositions on the catwalk, the models wore the aforementioned coat with double-breasted jackets.


In the same way, they showed off oversized bombers and flared pants to complement different looks. Mini dresses also became one of the most striking garments of the event. After all, they were full of all-over appliques.


In fact, the garments in this collection were very showy, especially those made from geometric patterns. We also saw endless pieces of clothing in Prada’s 2021 fashion show. In it, the Symbole earrings and the micro pockets added to some garments took center stage.

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