Runway Models: What’s Their walking style?

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Runway Models: What’s Their walking style? How do runway models walk? You may have already seen several fashion shows on TV, or better yet, you’ve had the opportunity to go to one of them. If so, you have probably noticed that runway models have a peculiar walking style. Most impressive still, is the perfect posture they take which each step while showing off the collections of the most important firms in the fashion world.


One point you should know is that walking like a runway model is not as simple as it seems. It takes a lot of practice, and that’s why the most important designers hire professional runway models to show their designs.


However, walking like them is not impossible. Because of this, today we show you the basic postures that all girls wanting to become a true runway model should learn.


How do runway models walk?


For any girl who wants to become a model, it’s essential to learn to walk correctly on a catwalk. Besides, walking with proper posture is very beneficial for many other aspects of life. In fact, in customer service jobs, it’s important to have a good image and good posture.


That’s why we will explain the basic guidelines that every girl must know how to walk correctly:


  • Your posture, the runway models walking style 


Digital Runway.Runway Models What_s Their walking style.1.Your postureFirst, posture is the most important trick if you want to walk properly.


Every model should take good care of her posture when parading catwalk outfits.


To achieve a good posture, you should bring your shoulders back while pointing your pelvis a little forward. As for the back, it should be straight but it shouldn’t look tense.


Also, if you want to highlight your neck’s height, you can lower your shoulders slightly. Besides, this will also give your more ease in your arms when walking.


  • Stare, the runway models walking style 


Digital Runway.Runway Models What_s Their walking style.2.StareDuring a catwalk show, your head should always remain high, while your gaze should go straight ahead. To make this whole practice easier, you can fix your stare to an element in front of you.


In general, you should choose an object rather than a person. This is because this person could change places and distract you.


During a runway fashion show, you must walk with your gaze fixed. This way, you will convey a lot of confidence and security. Besides, every catwalk model must transmit that security to everyone in the audience.


  • The firm step


This is one of the tips that you should never forget. It consists of maintaining a firm step to convey security. In the same way, while taking each step, they must be identical to avoid one from longer than the other. While you take each step, you must maintain your posture to show off your elegance.


On the other hand, while you’re walking you can add different walking styles to show off the clothes even more and stand out. However, don’t forget to showcase your attitude to really stand out as a true runway model. 


  • Your feet, the runway models walking style 


Digital Runway.Runway Models What_s Their walking style.4.Your feetEvery time you walk down a walkway, your feet should point forward, while one is crossing the other.


This way, you will bring more rhythm to your step and they will look as long as they should be.


It is important that when walking and crossing your feet, you avoid bumping your ankles since you could fall and hurt yourself if you are wearing very high heels.


  • Hands and arms 


Digital Runway.Runway Models What_s Their walking style.5.Hands and armsIt’s normal when walking you don’t know what to do with your hands or arms.


In general, this point is easier when you are carrying an accessory, such as a bag.


In the case of runway models, hands should be relaxed. That’s why you should move them a little and relax your hands.


Your arms should be placed at your side without moving them abruptly, far from it, moving as the body does. Your movement should appear lighter.


  • The hips, the runway models walking style 


Digital Runway.Runway Models What_s Their walking style.6.The hipsOnce you walk with your straight posture, you must take into account your hips.


These should be slightly forward as this will allow you to highlight your lower area.


Thus, the viewer, in addition to being aware of the garments you parade, will also notice the perfect way in which you walk.


Similarly, when you carry this pose on your hips, you can walk at a better pace to look fantastic.


  • High heels


Digital Runway. - 7.High heelsOn a catwalk, it’s normal to wear heels when walking. That’s why you should practice walking in high heels.


If you don’t have experience walking in heels, the best thing you can do is practice.


This way you will be prepared at the time of the fashion show just like runway models.


Besides, if you don’t want to go out in high heels, you can wear them at home as long as possible until you get used to them, and thus be prepared for a catwalk show.


Follow these tips to walk like a catwalk model


Digital Runway - Follow these tips to walk like a catwalk modelWalking like a runway model is an art that requires a lot of practice to get good results.


Because of this, if you want to be a runway model or want to improve your walking posture, you must apply these tips. 


Now, have in mind that for these to work, you must practice daily at home with high heels. On the other hand, you shouldn’t rush yourself since walking perfectly isn’t something done overnight.


Remember to practice these techniques while also working on both your attitude and your personality. 

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