Innovation, nature and elegance: All about Saint Laurent’s 2021 Fashion Show 

Digital Runway - Innovation, nature and elegance All about Saint Laurent 2021 Fashion Show 

Innovation, nature and elegance: All about Saint Laurent’s 2021 Fashion Show. Saint Laurent has presented its autumn/winter 2021 collection outside the Paris Fashion Week calendar. However, like the creative directors of other fashion firms, Anthony Vaccarello focused on presenting a 2021 luxury fashion show.


For this occasion, Vaccarello looked for an amazing setting such as “La Isla Gran Canaria”. In it, he was able to carry out a fashion film. After all, what’s better than cliffs and a beach with breaking waves to present his collection? Besides, the best models were in charge of showcasing Vaccarello’s new collection.


If you didn’t think that a fashion show could have beautiful models striding on the ground while walking, Saint Lauren made it possible. As a result, this left thousands of people speechless. And it’s that his creativity is one of the reasons why this brand continues to be one of the best in the world of fashion.




After Saint Laurent’s 2021 fashion show, communication channels sought Anthony Vacarello like never before. That’s why, when interviewed by very important fashion magazines, he expressed that when he presented this collection, he felt like a film director.


Before showing this collection, the creative director of this famous brand idealized a winter place. His goal was to showcase the strength that nature can have. In the same way, he wanted the firm to be a true dream that came true. After all, he was showing all his garments for this autumn and winter season.


That’s why it was possible to enjoy a video directed by Natalie Canguilhem. Alongside it, the audience enjoyed a soundtrack entirely produced by Sebastián and Sarajevo. In the same way, a chorus of voices was also of great help in making this designer’s vision possible.


Nobody can question Vacarello’s creativity. After all, year after year, the theme of the collection is a mystery to all. In fact, his creativity is so great that the same issue has never been repeated either on the catwalk or in the garments made by this firm.


As a curious fact, it’s worth noting no one was ever able to know the location of the fashion show before the event. For him, it’s very important to surprise the audience, even with the event’s location.


After knowing where this fashion would take place, it’s time to pay attention to the collection itself. After all, being able to appreciate the garments of this collection is the next thing that is always important. Saint Laurent has managed to surprise everyone with what he was able to present in this long-awaited parade.




In the first place, we were able to see how elegance was the main character of this catwalk. In the same way, this Saint Laurent fashion show was inspired by the most classic tailors in the best style of the 60s. This was very obvious when looking at the fabrics used to make men’s clothing.


Besides, the audience couldn’t take their eyes away from the jackets’ slim cuts. After all, these coincided with the cut of the hems of the skirts worn by the runway models chosen for this occasion. Following this, the color palette that defines this brand couldn’t fail to be present in this fashion show. However, we were still able to see a variety of violets could, as well as gold and cobalt.


The looks of this collection were very striking and also highlighted by the metallic elastic the bodysuits used. On the other hand, short leather skirts weren’t ignored at all. In them, the audience was able to see the magic of the best tailors.




The accessories were also chosen with precision to accompany what would be this Saint Laurent’s 2021 collection. This time we could see large accessories that, apart from their size, also stood out for their great finish.


What accessories attracted the most attention? Strasse bracelets, chandelier earrings, and chokers, especially those with a four-leaf clover motif. Another accessory that we can’t overlook is the ultra-long leather boots, as they caused a sensation just like the completely pointed metal heels.


All the XL elements present in this Autumn / Winter collection have become a true fan of fantasy pieces to complement each look in the best Saint Laurent style.


For Vaccarello, playing with different textures is very interesting and is one of the reasons why he has allowed both the exuberance of the leather and the plush synthetic fur to interact in the middle of the catwalk. Besides, tacky embroidery has also been part of this new collection.




Even if there are thousands of runway models, some are almost like true goddesses. And they, of course, couldn’t miss Saint Laurent’s fashion show. First, we will mention Mica Argañaraz. This is a model that stands out for her beauty. She walked very close to the cliff as if she were walking in sneakers instead of high heels, making her level of professionalism clear once again.


Like this model, other high-class models also stood out. Many of them walked wearing beautiful pieces of clothing inspired by the imperfection of classic looks. All of them related to the musician Peaches from the 90s, where the romantic and the luxury are in a very narrow line.




The presentation of this winter collection created a great impact. After all, the catwalk consisted of a dark sky and wild waves. Besides, even if there was a lot of opacity in the environment, the vibrant and showy colors in the garments managed to create a great contrast.


We can say that under this fascinating Saint Laurent artistic representation, we saw a balanced and at the same time daring collection adjusted to today’s fashion, but without losing its classic style.

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