Saint Laurent´s Spring-Summer 2022 Fashion Show

digital runway - Saint Laurent´s Spring-Summer 2022 Fashion Show

Saint Laurent´s Spring-Summer 2022 Fashion Show. Saint Laurent has become known as a fashion house since its founding in 1961 in Paris, France. Since its inception, it is worth noting that this brand has learned how to differentiate itself. All by its inclination toward haute couture. Its professionalism and creativity have once again become apparent after the presentation of the saint Laurent 2022 spring-summer collection.


First of all, it is essential to note that this show was inspired by Paloma Picasso. And fashion critics in various parts of the world have given their points of view. Noting that Saint Laurent has once again left everyone speechless.


Fashion All the Way


There is no doubt that the Saint Laurent brand is used to surprise us. And in large part, in recent times, everything has been thanks to its creative director Anthony Vaccarello.


Fashion experts have considered this show a magical moment. And it´s one of the reasons this is one of the most acclaimed brands during the fashion week in Paris.


In the space selected to present the new collection of this firm, Vaccarello placed an imposing structure. One in the form of a waterfall on the set, which, using a fine rain, began to sprinkle the guests. At the same time, the models went out on the catwalk wearing beautiful clothes to wear.


We have to mention that many sensations and expectations have overwhelmed both fashion designers and fashion lovers. After this confinement stage due to the pandemic, watching a runway that went to the rhythm of “Eclipse” by Zimmz” and the Eiffel Tower as a witness. And lighting from a distance has been a moment fascinating.


Also, Vacarello expressed in an interview feeling a bit fed up. The result of listening to so many people talking about the fashion industry’s future. Similarly, he said he was aware that the confinement had to be followed, and there was no other way. Likewise, he also expressed that after an improvement in the pandemic, it was impossible to change the course of presenting work like this since it is part of fashion.


Paloma Picasso as inspiration


Suppose we remember the autumn/winter 2021 collection. In that case, we can mention that we saw a lot of latex, a whole new aesthetic if we consider that before the problem of confinement, the collections guided by the creative creator of the brand were softer.


However, while developing his aesthetic, Vacarello expressed that this collection continues that latex collection. As it is the style he wants to establish for the Saint Laurent brand. He has made it known how good and how free he has felt when creating this collection. Since, according to him, he does not have to prove anything to anyone regarding what Saint Laurent can do.


Similarly, I relate this collection to the “scandal” collection of Paloma Picasso. For being not only one of the most famous muses but also for having been one of the most influential.




This saint Laurent fashion show managed to surprise many people who were looking forward to this collection. Most of the garments have been rescued from the brand’s archives to give a lighter air to people’s clothes this spring.


We could see the models in midi and long dresses on the catwalk, perfect for a night out. Although also, jean pants and leggings were present if you wanted a more comfortable look.


And following the line of haute couture, the skirt and jacket sets in dark tones. Perfect for a formal occasion, they drew a lot of attention.


Perception of Saint Laurent


Since 1971, Saint Laurent has already paid homage to Paloma Picasso. Because although there were other icons, such as Catherine Deneuve, it was Picasso who helped change the brand’s perception of fashion. That is why for Vacarello, meeting her and seeing her like hers, with her red lips and her vintage clothes, was something new for him. And it is the change that he wanted to reflect in the collections after the pandemic.


Consequently, the Saint Laurent 2022 spring-summer collection bears the hallmark of Paloma Picasso’s looks. Therefore, this has been a collection full of joy and comfort.


We saw different outfits on the catwalk, such as jackets widened to form a rigorous silhouette. Also, for a new night look in tune with the post-pandemic era, Vacarello opted for openings in dresses, necklines, leggings, and jumpsuits. Of course, instead of having a casual style, these latest garments on the catwalk have been full of glamour.


Demure Collection


There was a lot of uncertainty regarding recent fashion trends in this new season. Also, this season has been very marked by “the new sexy.” However, for Vacarello, his goal was to create a particularly demure collection and compensate for the “new sexy” on the catwalk. Models were observed with familiar figures so that they could be. They will enter a little on the path of sensuality.


Following this, Anthony Vacarello ironically said he hates the sexy he sees right now. Because it looks like the sexy, he already did 10 years ago. He also added that everyone could be sexy by feeling confident.


90’s style


Vaccarello’s show to present the spring-summer saint Laurent 2022 collection has had a nineties air. It is very successful if we consider that the creative director of this brand has been educated at this time by seeing all the fashion magazines, MTV and FashionTV.


And this is one of the reasons why Vacarello wanted to return to that generation through this collection.

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