Meet Saint Laurent’s amazing 2021 summer Fashion Show

Digital Runway - Meet Saint Laurent amazing 2021 summer Fashion Show

Meet Saint Laurent amazing 2021 summer Fashion Show. Saint Laurent’s summer collection was a great success! Presented in Paris, it has managed to surprise everyone not only because of the clothes. After all, Anthony Vaccarello managed to unite Jim Jarmusch and Juergen Teller, for a wonderful audiovisual collaboration. The result? The launching of two videos at the same time.


What’s the proposal?


Anthony Vaccarello, Saint Laurent’s creative director, wanted to join what is part of the digital age to show his proposals. That’s why one of the videos presented an orthodox collection guided by Mica Argañaraz or Anja Rubik. Faces that everyone who knows Saint Laurent knows as they are some of the most common faces of the firm.


As one can expect, this proposal had the characteristic hallmark of Vaccarello. That’s why the runway was full of blazers, flowy shirts, and striking micro-skirts. Of course, for this occasion, they had a different touch. In this sense, the creation of each proposal had comfort as its main priority. This way, they were in tune with what will be the new normal.


In the same way, cycling tights were also part of this collection alongside options as opposite as, for example, bodycon dresses. One that attracted attention with a lot of praise was a metallic bustier. After all, it was the piece that opened the collection.


It’s worth noting that Vacarrello was able to make a surprising audiovisual proposal. All thanks to the group of professionals who came together to present this summer 2021 collection. When mentioning titles such as Stranger than Paradise or Paterson, the famous director Jarmusch comes to mind.


The fact is that Vacarrello also worked with this prestigious director to create a video with surreal cuts. And the final touch was put by a cast that Saint Laurent’s director managed to put together. The result was a wonderful presentation in an amazing Hollywood style.


Chloë Sevigny, Julianne Moore, Indya Moore, Leo Reilly, and Charlotte Gainsbourg were some personalities in the casting film made by the firm.


The amazing Atmosphere


The production that accompanied the video for the presentation of Saint Laurent’s 2021 summer collection, has really been surprising. In the first place, the film was set in an enigmatic scene. It told the story of 4 friends who wanted to meet again, after the end of a party.


Reilly, showing his professionalism, worked as a waiter and witnessed the constant changes in the wardrobe of these 4 friends, as well as the appearances of Gainsbourg, who is part of the game merged with reality.


In the same way, during his work as a waiter, Reilly tries to get these 4 friends to taste the water on his tray. Thus, the name of this short called French Water.


In short, the story captured in this short delighted the audience with each of the looks presented, but from the director’s point of view.


It’s Location


After the pandemic, many luxury brands kept up with their face-to-face shows. That’s why, to put aside the parades without an audience, Vacarrello chose a very special location for the presentation of his Saint Laurent summer 2021-2022 collection. Nothing better than the Eiffel Tower in the background to showcase this collection.


Vaccarello wanted this location because the Eiffel Tower is an indisputable symbol of the capital of fashion. He also determined that it would be the best option to receive his models, stylists, fashion editors, and all the equipment needed for a highly professional event.


The runway 


There is no doubt that this show was able to make a good representation of haute couture. That’s why we saw very confident models on the catwalk wearing black glasses, red lips while at the same time wearing second-skin jumpsuits to emphasize their silhouette and feminine side. Besides, to mix the feminine and masculine, jackets with shoulder pads were present on this catwalk.


The clothing


As you already know, the fusion between the feminine and masculine was the focus of this show.


In fact, a look that attracted a lot of attention consisted of black leggings with a Prince of Wales print. For the shoes, models used vinyl pumps with carmine toes in the same color as the lipstick (red), oversized bracelets, and gold earrings.


The designer Paloma Picasso influenced what is part of haute couture for Saint Laurent. As a result, Vacarrello couldn’t miss the inclusion of makeup with many details and eye-catching accessories. That’s why each look on the catwalk had fashionable black glasses, gloves, jewelry, and other accessories in colors such as black, red, and gold.


The tailoring has also been part of this collection, which is why the blazer was a leading piece. In fact, this has been the case in recent seasons as having a perfect design cannot be missing from a woman’s wardrobe with good taste when dressing.


Jeans were also present, but with a design that has surely stolen the attention of many. In this case, we saw wide jeans with a high waist and darts. However, to ensure the best comfort, the brand created them with denim fabric. To showcase it on the runway, models combined it with platforms and the inevitable blazer.


Saint Laurent has shown a charming parade


Every detail was taken into account for the presentation of Saint Laurent’s fashion show. That’s why we also saw in this summer collection the Slatan jumpsuits. They’re pieces that we can use as a single piece or with a blazer. On the other hand, we can also combine them with a bullfighter, heels, and XXL jewelry.

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