Should runway models be slim?

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Should runway models be slim? In the world of fashion, you’ll see that most runway models tend to be pretty slim. Because of this, people ask themselves the following question: Why are runway models thin?


However, that is a common characteristic for people who are into fashion. But, there are those who criticize this stereotype because they consider that this could cause problems in the health of the models. On the other hand, it is important to know that there are some reasons why designers choose slim models to show their best collections of clothing and accessories to the world.


Why do designers choose slim models for their fashion shows?


Digital Runway.Should runway models be slim.Why do designers choose slim models for their fashion showsIn fact, different times have different models. In the last few years, the trends of slim models have changed a bit. That is why, although the best fashion designers continue to hire slim models, it’s not by any means mandatory.


However, it is important to note that some fashion firms still have very thin models.  Much of this industry disapproves of this, though. In fact, for the most important fashion designers, each model becomes a blank canvas that they want to turn into a great piece through clothing and jewelry.


Likewise, most fashion houses follow the tendency of hiring slim models because they consider that this type of body is the most suitable to show off the best catwalk outfits to the public. In fact, most designers consider slim silhouettes to be perfect when presenting their collections to the public.


That is why in most fashion shows it is customary to see slim models wearing beautiful outfits. Many people who belong to the world of fashion receive the following question:


Why is it so important for runway models to be slim?


Digital Runway.Should runway models be slim.Why is it so important for runway models to be slimFor designers, it is essential to be able to show off their clothes and make them look as perfect as possible. And for this reason, they consider slim models to be the best canvas they can use to express their work as they truly want. For a designer, the most important moment is when they can show the result of their dedication on international catwalks. Similarly, in the eyes of the designer, the protagonist of the catwalk will not be the model but their garment.


Let’s see an example:


When a designer carries out the creation of a dress, their dream is that it looks exactly as it appears in the sketch. So, the designer plans the size of the bust in a standard size, and the same happens with the rest of the piece. For this reason, designers prefer to hire models for runway fashion that do not have as many curves so that they can show off their garments with better fluidity.


Some fashion experts think there’s a lack of diversity


Digital Runway.Should runway models be slim.Some fashion experts think there’s a lack of diversityAs time goes on, more and more fashion connoisseurs think there should be a little more diversity on the catwalks. However, every designer has a set stereotype of the models who they want wearing their clothes. That’s not an easy thing to change. That is why having slim models in fashion shows, rather than a whim of designers, is due to the aesthetic part.


When a fashion designer begins to create a sketch, he looks at various elements such as:


  •       Making the confection based on the body.
  •       Taking into account the weight of the fabrics.
  •       Watch the design’s fall.


The designer is also aware of other factors. But, in the end, their objective has never been to promote the extreme thinness that has become a relevant topic in recent years. Therefore, the designer only tries to choose the shape that he considers correct to use as a canvas.


Disadvantages of runway model’s thinness


Digital Runway-Disadvantages of runway model’s thinnessWe all know that the issue of thinness in runway models has given much to talk about in recent times. In fact, many models who dreamt of parading on the best catwalks in the world have experienced severe eating disorders.


Similarly, the constant search for slim models has turned this feature into a beauty standard. Now, this issue has brought many inconveniences to the fashion industry. It led to many models developing eating disorders for acceptance.


But it is worth noting that the trend of the slim runway model started in the 90s. Previously, a model’s slimness was not so relevant in order to appear in a fashion show. However, with the appearance of important celebrities with slim bodies, this stereotype became the most common.


Social media can be a determining factor in this issue


Digital Runway-Social media can be a determining factorSocial media has been an important part of the evolution of the fashion industry. If you’re into fashion, you may have already noticed that. In fact, Instagram is an example of this. The platform has become a way for people to be closer to celebrities. A lot of models make a living out of Instagram.


Fashion experts have pointed out that social media could help make changes in the stereotype of thin runway models. For example, many influencers with more curved bodies are now the image of some fashion brands. However, could they one day be on the catwalks?


Many fashion designers have been more flexible in accepting plus-size models. However, others maintain their position of slim models to walk their runways. Nowadays, the world of fashion is in a curious place. You can find many talented models in all shapes and sizes. But, it will depend on the tastes of the designer. Some are more flexible than others. In the end, it’s up to them to choose the ones that they consider the most appropriate to show their best runway dresses.


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