Shudu Gram: Virtual or Real?

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Shudu Gram: Virtual or Real? The epitome of beauty made its first appearance on April 22, 2017. She is everything a woman wishes for with a perfect body, even tone skin, plumpy lips, and beautiful eyes. Her effortless online posts attracted famous brands like Fenty Beauty, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Balmain, Smart Car, and many more towards her spark. With her looks, she certainly took the internet by storm. Everyone was curious to know her. This dark-color elegant supermodel seemed too perfect, to be honest!


So, the thing is, Shudu Gram is not a human model but a virtual supermodel. She was born in the mind of a human, and with the help of Artificial Intelligence, her existence was possible.


How was Shudu Gram born?


Digital Runway. Shudu Gram. Virtual or Real.How was Shudu Gram bornShudu Gram is not a human-born model. Thanks to scientific advancement, you can now design digital humans. Shudu was the thought of a photographer, Cameron James Wilson. He is a London-based digital artist. The photographer, with continuous practice and hard work, learned 3D modeling.


Then, he perfectly adorned the lady with the minutest details. The lady looks so natural and flawless that the viewers are amazed at her beauty. 


She´s the first virtual supermodel, marking the digital evolution. Currently, she has over 221K followers on Instagram, along with various brands collaboration. Her star sign is Taurus. And, many say that her appearance resembles a South African Princess Barbie Doll.


What do critics say about Shudu Gram?


Digital Runway. Shudu Gram. Virtual or Real.What do critics say about Shudu GramThe creator presented the world with his skills. He put a long time into creating this fantastic-looking model. Also, his devotion gave great results in the form of Shudu. The man proved that digital models and digital fashion are making their way.


But many took it as a flawed beauty. Many on social media alleged that he created Shudu just for profit due to the creator’s race and the supermodel´s. On the contrary, Cameron defended himself by replying that he wanted to showcase his creativity. He said, “I don’t see Shudu as a money spinner or a business for me.” Besides that, he added that it’s just a face of his skills and creativity, nothing more.


Also, criticism was made based on racist grounds. It was said that a Caucasian man digitally created a dark woman without paying her. 


New Age Modelling


Digital Runway. Shudu Gram. Virtual or Real.New Age ModellingShudu Gram has really answered all the dilemmas of digital fashion. Yes, digital influencers are the reality nowadays. Above all, they shape the ongoing fashion trend. 3D clothing enhances the pieces. The Virtual Runway is also gaining importance for online modeling.


Many new virtual influencers like Amiyamato, Lu Do Magalu, and others are coming up challenging the very existence of human models. Digital Runway is a new generation agency for artists like Cameron. They set up digital ramp shows with digital models.


But if virtual models will take over the real models is still a question to be answered.


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