Shudu Gram: Virtual or Real?

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Shudu Gram: Virtual or Real? The epitome of beauty made its first appearance on April 22, 2017. She is everything a woman wishes for with a perfect body, even tone skin, plumpy lips, and beautiful eyes. Her effortless online posts attracted famous brands like Fenty Beauty, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Balmain, Smart Car, and many more towards […]

Is Digital Fashion a game-changer?

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Is Digital Fashion a game-changer? Digital Fashion is not unknown or new technology. It has actually existed for way longer than we know. If you are into gaming, you are already familiar with digital fashion. There is a concept of “skin” in video games where characters can change their clothes. So, this is what is […]

Is Virtual Runway making its way?

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Is Virtual Runway making its way? The spotlight and the butterflies in the stomach behind the runway is a truly fantastic feeling. The last-minute alterations, waiting for the cue, and the showdown on the ramp, are all essential elements of the fashion industry. The two-second of numbness in the dark waiting for the music and […]

Top 2022 Virtual Influencers List Out!

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Top 2022 Virtual Influencers List Out! Virtual Influencers, as the name suggests, are digital influencers that are trendy nowadays. These are CGI Influencers. Or in other words, we know them as fictional people. They have hyper-realistic looks with all human characters, personalities, and features.   They´re well known in the marketing world for their excellent […]

“Virtual Influencers”, What are they?

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“Virtual Influencers”, What are they? Think of a scenario where you want to open a clothing line. And for that, a celebrity inaugurates the day. This will surely give your business a kickstart with all the fame and attention. What a day right??? But all this is not that easy. For this to happen true, […]

Human vs Digital Runway Models

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Human vs Digital Runway Models. Do you know Gigi Hadid, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss or Kendall Jenner? Yes, they are famous runway models, Their ramp walk and attitude are world’s known. Everyone wants to follow their fashion idol and fantasize about having the perfect body just like them. But being a part of the fashion […]

What are the benefits of avatars or virtual models?

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What are the benefits of avatars or virtual models? The pandemic has also affected the world of fashion. So, the best-known designers in this industry have had to innovate to continue showing their clothing and accessories collections. Because of this, they have approached the virtual world maintaining greater interaction with their customers through websites, blogs, […]