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Top 2022 Virtual Influencers List Out! Virtual Influencers, as the name suggests, are digital influencers that are trendy nowadays. These are CGI Influencers. Or in other words, we know them as fictional people. They have hyper-realistic looks with all human characters, personalities, and features.


They´re well known in the marketing world for their excellent ability to attract the masses. Of course, these CGI influencers are computer-generated. We can see many new emerging digital influencers on Instagram every day. 2022 is a year where these influencers can be game-changers and revolutionize the marketing industry. Many famous brands like Samsung, Balmain, IKEA, Puma, KFC, and many more, are already collaborating with them.


So, let us peek into The Latest Virtual Influencers lives. Or rather I should say their social media lives to know more about them.


Lu do Magalu


Digital Runway.Top 2022 Virtual Influencers List Out.Lu do MagaluLu do Magalu made her first appearance on August 13, 2009, through YouTube. To promote iBlog TV on behalf of Magazine Luiza (Magalu).


She´s one of the spokespeople there. Also, we can see her videos of unboxing and product reviewing being followed excessively.


This virtual diva is originally from Brazil and is flourishing in the region rapidly.


Today she has 5.8 million followers on Instagram, more than 24 million followers on Facebook, and 28.3K followers on Twitter. She has the most visibility throughout the world. This truly shows her worldwide fan following. In addition, the company is making a huge profit with this virtual influencer. So yes, she may top the list.


Virtual Influencers List: Lil Miquela


Digital Runway.Top 2022 Virtual Influencers List Out.Lil MiquelaLil Miquela or Lil Miquela Sous is a young Brazilian American Model. An influencer, and musical artist who is the next virtual avatar storming the world with her social media account. She started her journey with her first post on April 23, 2016.


She has 3.1 million followers on Instagram and 30.2K followers on Twitter. Her charm is attracting various brands like Diplo, Molly Soda, Millie Bobby Brown, Shane Dawson, Pablo Vittar, and more. All want to collaborate with her.


In addition, she has been profiled in famous publications like Vogue, Buzzfeed, and The Guardian. She even did a Calvin Klein advertisement with Bella Hadid. Further, in 2018 Lil Miquela was named one of Time’s 25 Most Influential People on the Internet.




Digital Runway.Top 2022 Virtual Influencers List Out.BarbieOur next digital avatar is Barbie. She´s originally from Hawthorne, California. Barbie has been in limelight for several decades. Though she doesn’t age her birth was on March 9, 1959.


We saw her in various careers- dentist, school teacher, or even an astronaut. But now we idolize Barbie as an Instagram Influencer.


She has 2 million followers on Instagram, 10.8 million subscribers on YouTube, and 295.9K followers on Twitter.


She posts her images in trendy fashionable robes. Not just this, we can also see her posts at various famous hotspots.


Knox Frost


Digital Runway.Top 2022 Virtual Influencers List Out.Knox FrostHere Comes the first male digital influencer- Knox Frost.


He made his first appearance on February 19, 2019, and is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


This 21-year-old virtual guy always succeeds to create online buzz with his posts.


He has 682 K followers on Instagram. Knox Frost has worked with many organizations like World Health Organization and Roch the Vote.


He has various interests in gaming, sports, and music. He has also made an appearance in Fortune, Buzzfeed, CNN, Betches, Mashable, Forbes, Adage, Business Insider, and many more.


Virtual Influencers List: Anna Cattish


Digital Runway.Top 2022 Virtual Influencers List Out.Anna CattishAnna is an illustrator from Russia who mostly appears in the form of cartoons and sketches.


She made her first appearance on January 10, 2011. She´s full of quirk and unique looks.


Everyone is attracted to her cuteness and edginess, especially the attitude that drives everyone crazy about her.


She´s very much active on Instagram with 478K followers.


Also, she´s a part of the honkfu visual label.




Digital Runway - ThalasyaOn October 21, 2018, Thalasya made her first appearance. This beautiful digital avatar is originally from Jakarta, Indonesia.


This virtual influencer started her journey like a normal Indonesian girl. And she made her debut by her posts at Bali beaches, shops. And with eventual growth, she made her way to the recording studio of Florida, USA. 


Further, she also likes to advertise for hotels, resorts, restaurants, health pills. Along this Thalasya owns a clothing store- Yipiiiii with her friend Zeline.


She´s a beautiful influencer who has a great fan following. There are 479K followers on Instagram and 3.12k subscribers on YouTube.




Digital Runway.Top 2022 Virtual Influencers List Out.BermudaWe discussed many virtual influencers till now, but Bermuda is quite different. Yes, she´s as attractive and as real as others. But except for her fame from looks and posts, she´s also famous for her antagonistic traits on Instagram.


This dazzling influencer is from Los Angeles, California, USA, and made her first appearance on December 15, 2016.


She tries to change the world with her opinions. Therefore, the diva never hesitates to express her views. This has led her into controversial drama quite a few times.


Even after all the drama, she has succeeded to attract the public. She has 279K followers on Instagram and 3.2K subscribers on YouTube. 


Virtual Influencers List: Imma


Digital Runway - ImmaThis CGI Influencer is originally from Tokyo, Japan. She made her first appearance on July 12, 2018. Imma is a cute-looking Japanese girl with a bubble pink bob cut.


She slays every outfit with her perfect looks. It´s the first digital human in Japan, produced by Aww Inc.


Imma has 357 K followers on Instagram. She was selected for ” New 100 Talent to Watch” by Japan Economics Entertainment. Not only this she has been part of various fashion and business magazines, online, and television shows.


In addition, Imma has also worked with top brands like Dior, IKEA, Valentino, Calvin Klien, Amazon, Porsche Japan, Puma, Dior, Nike, and many more. 


Zoe Dvir


Digital Runway - Zoe DvirThis digital avatar is beyond perfect with her amazing social media life. She rocks her curly head look. Zoe made her first appearance on January 16, 2019, and is originally from Tel Aviv, Israel.


She´s like a normal art and design student bartender who works and has low times in life.


Also, she´s a dog mom and volunteers with Animal Rights Association. Moreover, she´s a vegan by heart. 


Too perfect right? She instantly got famous with her Instagram posts, where she has 27.6K followers. But she´s more than her sparkly and glamorous looks. The model doesn’t hesitate to share her weak times like when she is ill. 




Digital Runway - NoonoouriShe´s a young Fashion Avatar who lives in Paris. Her first appearance was on February 1, 2018, and her origin is from Munich, Germany.


She´s a cute and attractive-looking model.  Besides, Noonoouri is famous in the international fashion industry. Further, she´s a vegan and promotes sustainable fashion. 


She has worked with brands like Marc Jacobs, Versace, and Dior. Also, we have seen in an advertisement with Kim Kardashian’s makeup line.


And in addition, is also a friend of supermodels like Naomi Campbell. Noonoouri has 390k followers on Instagram and continues to fascinate more.


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