All about Valentino’s 2021 fashion show

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All about Valentino’s 2021 fashion show. The fashion shows that represent haute couture have not stopped despite the pandemic. In fact, taking into account all the necessary measures, the Valentino 2021 fashion show has been carried out digitally. This Italian firm presented its collection called “Code Temporal”, made up of garments inspired by minimalism and trip-hop.


To present this long-awaited collection, they held a digital show through a live broadcast from the famous Galleria Colonna in Rome.


Haute couture was present at the Valentino 2021 fashion show


Digital Runway. Fashion show Valentino 2021.Haute couture was present at the Valentino 2021 fashion showEvery time the Valentino firm releases a collection, it manages to surprise its thousands of followers. And its spring 2021 collection wasn’t the exception. As soon as the public saw it, it became the talk of the town.


On this occasion, Valentino expressed phrases such as:


 “The mind that conceives and the hand that creates”


“Code Temporal” is the name of this new Valentino collection, which took place at the Galleria Colonna in Rome. To enhance the experience, even more, the soundtrack consisted of the song Ritual Spirit by Massive Attack. Robert Del Naja is the name of the artist and composer of this British trip-hop style band. Together with Valentino, they created a magnificent audiovisual, applauded as a true work of art, for the presentation of this fashion show.


What was the inspiration for the Valentino 2021 fashion show?


Digital Runway. Fashion show Valentino 2021.What was the inspiration for the Valentino 2021 fashion showAll kinds of beautiful models were present during the digital parade to show Valentino’s fashion show 2021. They were in charge of wearing the beautiful dresses made by this prestigious firm so that the public could observe each garment from the comfort of their home.


On the catwalk, we saw a great variety of combinations of both textures and silhouettes. This collection has been characterized by its sobriety and neutrality, and at the same time by a colorful air.


Similarly, in the slender models, it has been possible to visualize different looks in earth tones complemented with more striking pieces of clothing. In this collection, the metallic tones included in tops have not gone unnoticed, as well as the sequins that have become the starring truths of the catwalk.


The combination created by the Valentino firm for this collection is also full of tulle skirts that shape the silhouette, accompanied by boots with metallic finishes. The tailored shorts have also been part of this striking collection characterized by very striking garments.


The runway has never looked better thanks to Valentino’s 2021 fashion show


Digital Runway-The runway has never looked betterOne of the main characteristics of the Valentino 2021 fashion show was the order chosen to show the different looks. As each model appeared on the runway, you could see a change from neutral garments guided by the sand color palette, to more extravagant ones loaded with neon colors like fluorescent pink.


Another characteristic of this fusion show has been the choice of makeup and jewelry, as they have also been suitable for each type of outfit.


The Valentino firm has always managed to dazzle with all its collections, and this one has not been the exception. That’s why it has been possible to visualize a great variety of materials, as well as colors and silhouettes.


That’s also why we have seen models with simple outfits and other more complex ones on the runway. For example, in this spring-summer collection, a jumpsuit with gold sequins and other appliqués stood out. Said jumpsuit also had an ivory leather cashmere coat.


Simplicity has also been key to the Valentino spring – summer 2021 collection


Digital Runway. Simplicity has also been keyThrough a press release for Valentino, the firm said that their collection’s main protagonists were lines. Alongside them, warm, cold and neutral tones, as well as textures, also took center stage. On the other hand, “Reinvention” was used to describe the risks taken when creating its pieces.


Through this collection, the Valentino firm has also taken into account the updates regarding haute couture. Nowadays, freedom is the main goal when creating fashion garments. Something that Valentino has wanted to reflect in his collection.


Besides, even if this firm has taken new details into account, they haven’t left behind the complexity that craftsmanship requires. In fact, they took the image of each model into account and detail. That’s why their beauty look stood out for completely smooth and long hair, as well as faces made up in golden tones in those that will parade the most extravagant looks on the catwalk.


The Valentino 2021 fashion show has simply been extraordinary


Digital Runway. fashion show has simply been extraordinaryThere is no doubt that the Valentino 2021 fashion show has been incredible, both for the clothing it has shown and for the attitude of its models on the catwalk. The opening was a resounding success, showing mini dresses and outfits that left the legs exposed. Long and printed dresses have also been shown for women, mainly with floral motifs, as they are the firm’s favorite.


For men, the collection also offers striking proposals such as oversize and wide and straight denim trousers. The most important fashion firms in the world have not wasted time to continue showing their seasonal collections every year. There is also a large audience waiting to see their newest trends and renew the wardrobe.

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