Everything great about Versace’s 2021 Fashion Show

Digital Runway - Versace 2021 fashion show

Everything great about Versace’s 2021 Fashion Show. After the pandemic, the most important haute couture firms in the world have returned to their activities. In fact, it motivated them to make the most impressive fashion shoes. As a result, Versace spring/summer 2021 fashion show was a true spectacle, told by the same audience.


To start talking about this majestic event, we can’t ignore that singer Dua Lipa made a great debut on the Versace runway. This, in turn, got a lot of attention from the public. 


Versace’s amazing Spring-summer collection


For Donatella, this Versace 2021 show was very important. After all, she spent a long time without living the entire process that a fashion show requires.


To start, this luxury fashion designer imagined a setting characterized by metallic designs. Especially in silver and pink. She also thought of a very striking proposal such as latex but this time with vibrant hues.


In the same way, the brand made a trip to the past to take the best looks of 2000. As a result, we saw low-rise pants and skirts on the runway. Thus marking the return of this type of cut.


There is no doubt that clothing is the most important distraction on any fashion runway. However, everything must be a complement and the look of the models should also work. That’s why while walking the catwalk, we saw their ultra-smooth hair. Some of them even decorated it with scarves to achieve a perfect combination with the rest of the style.


Another point in favor of this incredible fashion show has been the unexpected color mix, where orange and blue, blue and pink, and green and purple shaped the basic two-piece sets.


In this spring/summer fashion show, the usual references of this Italian house were present. Therefore, it used some safety pins as part of the decoration of solid-colored dresses.


Dua Lipa debuted as a model


Versace often surprises its audience with all its collections. This is because, in addition to displaying impeccable clothing collections, it manages to surprise with other elements or situations.


For example, including Dua Lipa as a model to open this fashion show was a very wise decision. After all, this woman is a singer with a very good reputation. That’s why the brand couldn’t miss the chance of having her on its catwalk.


Besides, we also saw Lourdes de León who is the daughter of the famous Madonna on the catwalk. However, this isn’t all since the best model of all time, Naomi Campbell also graced the audience with her presence. Gigi Hadid, Adriana Lima, and Emily Ratajkowski were also part of this fashion show.


However, Dua Lipa had the opportunity to debut as a model, and what better way to do it for the Versace brand to showcase its spring/summer collection. In fact, this singer has made it known that it has been an honor for her to open and close this fashion show. It has been a surreal moment that she won’t forget.


The moment in which Dua Lipa came out has been a great show, since she did it surrounded by muscular men without shirts, and they were pulling thick ropes that allowed them to maintain the waving of the baroque marquees.


Once the lights came on, Dua Lipa took to the runway in a black dress, accompanied by brightly colored suspenders that held her skirt. All this happened while her song “Physical” played in the background.


During the show, Dua Lipa continued to appear like the other models, wearing outfits in shades of green, purple, and pink.


What was Donatella inspired by for the spring/summer collection?


Each of the world’s leading fashion designers is inspired by different elements when launching their new collections.


For this fashion week show, Donatella Versace has been inspired by the ocean to present her spring/summer collection. In fact, in an interview, she declared that she wanted something different for this parade. Her goal was to represent what’s within all of us.


Besides, this represents for Donatella to dream of a new world full of vivid colors and fantastic creatures, where everyone can coexist in peace.


This is one of the reasons why we can say that this fashion show has been full of many details. All this without ignoring the presence of a completely empowered and hopeful attitude from Versace models.


There was a lot of sex appeal for this collection


The return of the “sexy” was in the hands of Donatella, who used her patterned scarves, knotting them to small blouses or shrinking into dresses. Also, many of these scarves were attached with their safety pin accessories to show a different style.


However, this wasn’t all. After all, besides the scarves who were the main element, we saw on the catwalk a great variety of dresses, skirts, and very colorful latex tops. This collection carried a very clear message, demonstrating once again the audacity of this brand.


Once again, Versace’s brand recognition remains strong


There is no doubt that this brand has always managed to be recognized for its glamour and simplicity. Although also, being a luxury brand on many occasions we can see how its extravagant style manages to attract attention.


For Versace’s spring/summer collection, the brand was able to meet all its objectives. After all, talent overflowed on the catwalk thanks to the models and the collection made by this prestigious firm.


In conclusion, we can say that this has been one of the most iconic runways. Not only because Dua Lipa debuted on the catwalk with experienced models, but also because of all the designs from this collection.

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