Why runway models don’t smile on the catwalk

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Why runway models don’t smile on the catwalk. You may have already seen the wonderful shows held in the most important cities during fashion week. Maybe you may have even asked yourself, why are the runway models not smiling?


On catwalks, you can see models whose beauty can’t be denied. However, their Stoic faces are a characteristic that doesn’t go unnoticed. However, this wasn’t always like that. During the 90s, you could see models smiling without any issue while showcasing the best collections.


But now, the fashion industry has changed and models must follow new protocols established in this sector. Also, behind this issue, there are some reasons that you should know. This way, you will get your answers about why models don’t smile on the runway.


Reasons why runway models don’t smile


Runway boutique clothing is very eye-catching, and it looks much more beautiful when it is paraded by the most important models in the world. However, for viewers, it’s a bit strange to see that the models don’t smile. Therefore, we will explain some reasons why this happens:


The seriousness is related to the outfit


Digital Runway.Why runway models don_t smile on the catwalk.The seriousness is related to the outfitThis could be one of the most logical reasons for runway models not to smile. There are extravagant outfits or other characteristics that require seriousness.


That’s why many models, when wearing a certain garment, instead of making a gesture with their face, only dedicate themselves to imposing their gaze.


Just because models walk the runway with a serious face, it doesn’t mean they aren’t confident. On the contrary, thanks to their professionalism, they know the gestures and how to walk according to the outfit they have to wear.


The face must be related to people of high status 


Digital Runway.Why runway models don_t smile on the catwalk.The face must be related to people of high statusYou may not have noticed it, but during the European aristocracy, portraits were full of seriousness.


In general, these featured blue-blooded people, in other words, royalty or nobility.


In this kind of society, a serious or arrogant face was the staple of the upper social class.


As a result, this also became a staple of high fashion. Today, luxury brands use unsmiling models to showcase this kind of status.


The smile is a quality of the personality 


Digital Runway.Why runway models don_t smile on the catwalk.The smile is a quality of the personalityCatwalks have a purpose, and that is to showcase every piece so that clients can observe them before buying them. It’s a direct way that fashion house owners use to encourage customers to buy.


Catwalk models play the role of a moving mannequin. This is because it allows people to better appreciate the clothes. When a model shows off a suit down the catwalk, you can see every single detail. Only in this way will you be able to appreciate those elements that go unnoticed otherwise.


In a few words, the job of a model is to make their clothes the center of attention. Because of this, their expression should be as neutral as possible.


Every outfit deserves your reverence 


Digital Runway.-Every outfit deserves your reverenceIt’s no secret to anyone that on the most important fashion catwalks in the world, only recognized brands are present.


Besides, when a new designer has the opportunity to appear at an event like this, it’s because their clothing collections fall into the category of haute couture.


In the world of fashion, every outfit is made up of art and art deserves your reverence. That’s why parading a Prada, Gucci, or Chanel dress requires formality and of course, seriousness. Just imagine a model walking a suit from some of these brands smiling, it may seem that she is wearing a costume which is not the idea.


The smile is not an approving gesture for models 


Digital Runway.Why runway models don_t smile on the catwalk.The smile is not an approving gesture for modelsRunway fashion manages to capture the attention of many viewers around the world.


For this reason, the issue of smiling in models is often questioned. But as you can see, there are a few reasons why runway models keep their seriousness.


Now, it’s true that smiling is a universal gesture and we are used to seeing everyone smile.


However, for fashion designers, it’s important that their clothes are the protagonists on the catwalk. Because of this, models can’t smile so as not to steal attention from the outfit.


Now you know why models don’t smile


Digital Runway.Why runway models don_t smile on the catwalk.Now you know why models don_t smileThese are some reasons why models’ faces are serious at all times. This doesn’t mean that during their daily life, they don’t smile and make eye contact with their surroundings.


Modeling is a job that, like everyone else, requires some conditions to be successful.


In the same way, each fashion designer has their rules when hiring the models that will serve as canvases for their works of art.


For this reason, it’s also very common to see models with serious faces in magazines or photos of advertising campaigns.


The world of the catwalk has its peculiarities


Digital Runway-The world of the catwalk has its peculiaritiesAs time passes, runway fashion show designers shift their contemporary vision towards minimalism.


For this reason, although they look for models with considerable beauty for their shows, they prefer those with neutral bodies and faces.


In this way, the garments can stand out in the models and be the protagonists in each parade.


Fashion designers spend a large amount of money annually on these catwalks to show their collections and attract the attention of customers. Therefore, one of their conditions when hiring their models is that they do not smile.

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