At what age do runway models retire?

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At what age do runway models retire? When do runway models retire? It’s no secret to anyone that most models dream of becoming runway models. However, to reach this step, it is important to meet several requirements that will make you dazzle in the parades. Age is one of those since there is a minimum and maximum age to be a runway model.


In general, you can start studying modeling as early as 4 years of age. In fact, some of the most famous models began working as children in events and promotions, and that’s why today they are so important in the world of fashion. Therefore, there is no minimum age to begin professional modeling training.


Each fashion designer chooses their models


Digital Runway.At what age do runway models retire.Each fashion designer chooses their modelsAt what age do runway models retire? Every year, the best fashion firms are present on the most important catwalks in the world. And to show their beautiful collections of catwalk outfits, they do a casting to choose the best models. Of course, each designer has their own conditions for choosing the models that will serve as a canvas for their dresses, which for them are art.


In the same way, they take their models to any country where they must be present. The most common is to see 18 to 21 years old models on the catwalks. However, the age will depend in most cases on the collection that the designer wants to show.


For example, if the fashion show aims to show clothes for the little ones at home, it’s logical that children will model on the catwalk. Now, if the show is about showing collections for teens and adults, there will usually be models between the ages of 18 and 25. However, this rule may change since on fashion catwalks it’s very common to see famous models up to 36 years of age.


The maximum age of models depends on the goals of the fashion designer


Digital Runway.At what age do runway models retire.The maximum age of models depends on the goals of the fashion designerIt may be weird for you to see 3-year-old models or a little more parading on catwalks. However, in many cases, age is not an obstacle as long as the model carries out a professional job. Also, for a model of 35 years or older to be able to walk on a catwalk, she must have a good image and a good physical appearance.


Important brands, such as Victoria’s Secret, do casting where they include women between 20 and 36 years of age. In fact, regardless of age, the best models are offered exclusive contracts to represent this brand like an angel.


Like this brand, many others have no problem hiring not-so-young models for their shows because the most important thing is to meet their goals on the catwalk. That’s why, if you’re over 30 years old and you believe that your future as a model is not profitable, you should know that you still have a chance at becoming a runway model.


What is the maximum age to be a runway model?


After a thorough investigation on the web, we have been able to conclude that most famous models in the world retire from the catwalk before their 40s. It’s common for these models to start their professional careers from a very young age, and for this reason, they manage to stay on the runway until that age.


Next, we will name some models who left the catwalks before reaching 40:


Alessandra Ambrosio


Digital Runway.At what age do runway models retire.Alessandra AmbrosioThis Brazilian model and actress are 40 years old today.


Most people know her as one of the most important angels of Victoria’s secret from 2004 to 2017.


As you can see, this 5’9 tall model worked for this brand for several years thanks to her professionalism.


She retired at 36 years old from the catwalks, but she is still remembered.



Adriana Lima


Digital Runway - Adriana LimaThis model also comes from the beautiful country of Brazil.


And like Ambrosio, she was one of the best angels Victoria’s Secret has ever had.


From 1996 to 2018, this model was on every catwalk, deserving of her name.


At 37, she retired and now is in charge of taking her of her own family.


Are there models that have walked past 40 years of age?


Digital Runway. - woman on the catwalkAt what age do runway models retire? For many people, the perfect runway model age is up to 30 years old.


However, as you have seen, even after 30, you can still rock the catwalk. Even models beyond 40 have graced the most prestigious catwalks.


A very clear example of this is the famous Naomi Campbell. This beautiful woman started her career at the age of 15 and today, is the staple of fashion. Today, Campbell is 51 years old, but in her 40s she was still walking on the best runways.


Her last show was on the Milan catwalk at 42 years. However, she’s still remembered for her amazing walk.


The maximum age to be a runway model depends on many factors


Digital Runway - model on the catwalkThese are just a few examples of models who, thanks to their professionalism, have stayed relevant despite their age.


Nowadays, there are professional models acclaimed by different designers to show their collections.


This is because they are classy and competent role models for the job they need to do.


We are sure that in a few years, you will still be able to see today’s models on the catwalk.

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